Clean Campus

//PICTURED ABOVE: 1. Lulu Jasso pushes the cart in Lower Morgan boarding hall. 2. Maria Cendejas uffs up the cushions, retouching the board- ing lounge. 3. Cresencia Garcia folds the bed sheets with the help...


A Day in the Life of Linda Kramer


Boarder Line

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City Slicker: Dallas Holiday Traditions

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many Hockaday students have family coming into town. Dallas offers many different winter-themed attractions throughout the city to show relatives the best of winter in Dallas. These range...

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Your World Today: The Rise in Hate Crimes

News stations and outlets are constantly inundated with news about hate crimes, but what exactly defines a hate crime? These offenses can fall under many names, such as terrorism, mass shootings or attacks, but...


Leading the Way to a Better Education

//PICTURED ABOVE: Melanie Robertson, an Associate of Institutional Giving at Teach for America, speaks to students, including junior Varsha Danda, about the Opportunity Gap in education at a meeting for United to Lead. The other...


Language Lab Goes Virtual

//PICTURED ABOVE: Since Hockaday’s Language Lab has gone virtual, the space has been repurposed into a Middle School Robotics work room. This allows the students to have more space to construct projects. This school year,...


The Fourcast’s Guide to De-Stressing

As students scramble to finish assignments during the busy end-of-the-year schedule where things tend to get out of hand, stress levels are hard to keep down, not to mention the nerve-wracking JRP deadline and...

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Hockaday Ceramics Brings Masterpieces to Exhibition

Delicate pots, plates and vases created by the Hockaday Ceramics students will be decorating the John. H. Milde Gallery from Nov. 17 to Dec. 14 at the Goldmark Cultural Center. Designed and constructed by...

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Second Graders Learn to Go Green with All Green Club

On Nov. 30, second graders gathered in their classrooms at 2:40 p.m. to attend a session held by the Hockaday All Green Club on the subject of air pollution. The presentation involved an informational...