Boarderline: Boarding Bonding

Story by Elisa Carroll Photos by Elisa Carroll


Faces and Places: WinFo planner read for “A Night at the Met”

//PICTURED ABOVE: 1. Co-Chair Evan Johnston wears her “A Night at the Met” Winter Formal T-shirt. 2. The Winter Formal Committee created the invitation using the met logo. 3. Johnston and junior representative Avery...


Fewer exams in 2020: Upper School cancels two of four exams, looks to alternative forms of assessment

//PICTURED ABOVE: Members of the science department gather for a meeting about exams. This year, the Hockaday administration has allowed each department to individually make the decision to cancel or keep cumulative spring exams....


A long (jumping) career ahead

//PICTURED ABOVE: Sena Asom points to her fourth place statistic at the 2019 junior Olympics, where she jumped 14’10.” Early in January, seventh grader Sena Asom woke up as if it were any regular...

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Exam Policy Adjusted: Testing out less testing

//PICTURED ABOVE: Fewer exams may mean less stress for Hockaday students in the future. If you had been in the vicinity of the Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Family Center for the...

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The Award Must Go to… Embracing Diversity in Entertainment

It’s January. Amid the cold, the congestion and the end-of-semester stress, one thing rang clear to me: awards show season. In come the Golden Globes, the Grammys, the Academy Awards, the BAFTAs and the...


Taking Your Musicality to the Next Level: TPSMEA All-State

Orchestra and choir students from all across the state gathered in Richardson on Jan. 23 to 25 for the Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) Choir and Orchestra Clinic and Concert.  TPSMEA is...


Fourcast Tasty: After School Snacks

Video by Sasha Schwimmer

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Behind the Production of “Crazy For You”

The Upper School theater department presented the musical “Crazy For You” from Feb. 6-9. From the first rehearsal on Nov. 5 to the first performance on Feb. 6, the cast and crew spent months...


40 Questions with Rachel Grabow

Video by Campbell Harris and Charlotte Rogers