Boarderline: Rollercoaster Rides

Story by Olivia Garcia Photo by Olivia Garcia and Eugene Seong


Day in the Life of Steve Kramer

Story by Elisa Carroll Photo by Eugene Seong, Flickr and Libreshot


Faces & Places: Talented Teachers

Upper School Spanish teacher Mariana Mariel, College Counselor Micah Lyles and Upper School History teacher Lucio Benedetto are three members of the Hockaday staff who participate in the arts while they are not working...


Dissertation Determination: Ms. Hamilton’s Gap Year

//PICTURED ABOVE: Upper School English teacher Summer Hamilton conferences with senior Sawyer Bannister. Hamilton will take one year off from teaching in order to complete her doctoral dissertation. As the 2018-2019 school year comes...


Moving in the Write Direction

//PICTURED ABOVE: As Hockaday Upper School students write their final essays of the year, they look forward to the new writing center opening in fall 2019. The Hockaday writing center has been 10 years...

News, World

Your World Today: LGBTQ+ Issues In Brunei

//PICTURED ABOVE: Erywan Yusof, minister of foreign affairs in Brunei, signing the Department of State guestbook in Washington D.C. on June 13, 2018. Yusof defended Brunei’s new controversial laws and penalties against the LGBTQ+,...


The Fight to the Finish

//PICTURED ABOVE: Sporting red ribbons to honor late St. John’s coach, the varsity lacrosse team took third in SPC over St. John’s on Saturday, May 4. On May 11 in the Texas Girls High...


Hockaday’s FOURever Teachers

//PICTURED ABOVE: Ann Trenary, Lower School Teaching Assistant, helps a Primer student writing a letter. She shows her dedication to the students every day in class. After 23 years at Hockaday, Trenary will be...

Slider, Sports

HOK Masters Athletics

//PICTURED ABOVE: At an Open House on May 6th and 7th, Director of Athletics, Deb Surgi, speaks with an HOK architect regarding the upcoming Athletic Master Plan. The Open House allowed the Hockaday community...

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Juniors Address the Problem: Period.

//PICTURED ABOVE: Anika Bandarpalle works with Laura Day and the company Be Girl to spread awareness about reusable period underwear. It’s a normal day at The Hockaday School. Surreptitiously, a student grabs a tampon...