Play it Back: Hockaday Softball

Game Background

To kick off the consolation bracket in the Southern Preparatory Conference championship, the Hockaday varsity softball team competed against The Oakridge School. Beating Oakridge by one point in their last game of the regular season, the softball team was prepared for this highly anticipated game.

First Half

The team scored six runs in the top of the first inning. Hockaday used this momentum to prevent their opponent from scoring any runs in the bottom of the first half.

Biggest Play

Junior Lilly Okada, who played the position of short stop, threw the ball across the field to her teammate, junior Katie O’Meara, to get out an Oakridge player at first base. O’Meara reacted with lightening speed, passing the ball to her teammate, freshman Kate Woodhouse, at third base to score another out and compete the double play.

Final Score: 16-3

Amelia Brown- Sports Editor


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