Tips and Tricks to Creep it Real This Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time for you to start planning how you will spend the spookiest night of the year. Will you attend one of the biggest, wildest parties? Will you host a small gathering with just your closest group of friends? Or will you opt for a family night-in and pass out candy? Whichever way you choose to spend your Halloween night, the Fourcast has you covered to make sure your Halloween is spooktacular!

Night 1: Wickedly Wild

Why spoil the spookiest night of the year just because it falls on a Tuesday this year? Your friends are hosting their big annual costume party and this year, you are determined to win the costume contest. Here are a couple of tricks to making the party fantastic.


With every big party comes pizza and the perfect complement to every flavor of pizza is the Halloween Gummy Worm punch, of course! Green, as a result of the Hawaiian punch mixed into it, the punch is served in a witch cauldron to really complete the Halloween look. In addition, the gummy worms that are mixed into this beverage make it extra yummy.


The iconic bobbing for apples game is always fun at big parties. (Warning: if you’re a germaphobe, this is not the game for you!)  Just fill a tin bucket with water and apples, and you’re ready to play! Guests will take turns attempting to grab as many apples out of the bucket as they can. Seems simple, right? The catch: nobody can use their hands. This playful twist makes this game not only fun to participate in, but also to watch.


Big groups always love following the spirit of the holidays, so why not follow the tradition and watch the spookiest horror movie you can find? Taking it back to 2003, “House of 1000 Corpses” definitely fits the thrilling atmosphere of Halloween. Although some scenes may leave your stomach turning, this old movie has many low-budget, supposed-to-be-scary-but-not scenes that definitely lighten the movie’s mood if you’re not a big fan of thrillers.


Night 2: #SquadGhouls

Want a chill, but chilling, Halloween? Creep it real and invite only your closest friends over. Relive your childhood and do all of the things you did for Halloween when you were a kid. After all, it’s not weird if do it together, right?


What’s better to put on your Halloween agenda than creating and eating caramel apples at your group gathering? Set out sturdy sticks, Granny Smith apples, melted chocolate, rich caramels and any type of candy of your choosing to make the perfect caramel apple buffet line for you and your friends! Test your artistic skills by decorating the apples and brace for a delicious treat once you finish! 


A murder mystery game is perfect for any small party! Before the party, every guest receives an email with their assigned character profile. Once all of your squad arrive at the party, they will be confronted with a murder scene (that you get to create!) where they will ask questions and take clues so they can find out which one among them is the murderer!


Add some romance into your Halloween night and play the movie Warm Bodies for all of your guests. Told from the perspective of a zombie, the movie qualifies as a Halloween special for sure! However, the romance between the zombie narrator and the girl he admires definitely gives this Halloween movie a unique twist!


Night 3: Boo-tiful peace & quiet

So, you have finally caught up on all of your homework, sports, clubs, community service and everything else, and you decided to stay in for the night. No problem, you can still have a pretty memorable night without the stress and pressure of being with friends. Of course you love your friends, but sometimes people can be overwhelming. A relaxing Halloween doesn’t sound too bad at the moment.


Drive to the nearest grocery store, buy a bag of each of your top three favorite candies, drive home, sit on the couch and pig out on all three of those bags. Pour out all of your stress and relax. Halloween is the perfect, once-in-a-year excuse to dig into all of your candy bags, so why waste it?


Before you start eating, make sure to carve a pumpkin to add to the spirit. Light a candle inside the pumpkin if you’re feeling extra festive. Plus, a creative and artistic pumpkin will make a great aesthetically pleasing addition to your social media page!


In the midst devouring your candy, make sure to turn on the TV and go back to your childhood and re-watch the entire Halloweentown series. How many sequels are there now? Three? The perfect number of movies to snuggle with your favorite childhood stuffed animal and watch all night.

Ashlye Dullye – Staff Writer

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