Now Watch Me (Whisk)


Here’s a pro tip: Do not make any assumptions.

Let me be clear – I am the ultimate crepe connoisseur. I have traveled the world far and wide in search of the BEST crepe – to San Francisco, Austin, New York City and even Paris. To be honest with you, I never would have thought that the best crepe resided in the very city where I live.

So when I stumbled into Whisk, a rather quaint, French café located in a shopping center on Sylvan Ave. in Dallas, I assumed, based on the few occupants sitting at the tables, that I was out of luck. My search for the best crepe would have to continue.

But as a show of respect, my friend and I stayed and ordered from a plethora of unique crepes. We settled on the cinnamon apple crepe ($9), lusciously filled with cream cheese, pecans and caramel, as well as the strawberry Nutella crepe ($10), served with whipped cream, ice cream (your choice of vanilla or chocolate) and topped off with chocolate sauce. If you’re into coffee, I recommend the cappuccino for $3 – it comes in a small glass and compliments both crepes well.

The service was fast – probably because of the mere four other customers there – and the employees were extremely nice and dedicated to their work. A glass window separates the kitchen from the dining area, so patrons can visibly see the chef work his magic.

After a small amount of time had passed, the food arrived. Cue the music because I was about to take another trip down memory lane to ‘Cool But Common Crepe City.’

But as I chowed down on these delicious delicacies, only two words came to mind: holy crepe. After years of searching, I had finally found the ultimate French pastry. I was more than pleased.

To top it all off, Whisk uses organically grown ingredients from Texas food producers and distributors in their state-of-the-art crepes. Not only does this make their crepes exquisite, but organic as well.

So, all assumptions aside, I’ll leave you all with this: don’t judge a whisk by its cover.

To find out more about Whisk, visit their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram at whiskcrepes.


1888 Sylvan Avenue

Tuesday – Friday 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Saturday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.