“Cleopatra” Strikes the Wrong Chord


Some may hear the name “Cleopatra” and immediately think of the late Pharaoh of Egypt, but I see it as a sophomore album to the “Ho Hey” artists that left me wanting more.

It was, in one word, underwhelming.

This Colorado band created in 2005, first felt stardom in 2012 with their smash hit, “Ho Hey.” Since 2012 they have been touring, writing and leaving their few true fans wanting more music… until Apr. 8, 2016, when “Cleopatra” was released.

I am, and always will be a proud Lumineer fan. I patiently waited four years for to hear what they had next; however, after waiting for years for their next album I truly expected more.

It is not the quality of sound, the originality of the notes, or the meaning or the lyrics that fell short in my eyes. It was mainly the lack of a possible hit. The only songs that I could see really making it would be “Ophelia”, “Cleopatra” and “Gun Song.” They rest are pleasant, but the Lumineers have a reputation to uphold.

Although you do not need to be on KISS FM to be a notable band, it limits their fan base and decreases their likelihood to take off more than they have right now.

After listening to all 35 minutes, it is clear the Lumineers are not chasing radio fame in this album. This song is mainly focus on their journeys as artists, and what they want to share with their fans.

If I were to count, there are only six songs that make me want to sing along, the three I said could be hits, “Sleep on the Floor”, “Angela” and “In the Light.” “Gale Song” might also tug at heartstrings across the nation.

Although “Gale Song” was originally used and written for “The Hunger Games”, it is one of my favorite songs on the album because of its heartfelt lyrics, strong base, soothing vibe and its second half that picks up the tempo. It sounds like a song for a first dance.

The other four songs do not match up. As a whole this album is great to turn on while you are studying, because it does not draw too much focus, excitement or intrigue.

Patience” sounds like a medley heavily influenced by the works of Mozart and Beethoven. This only-instrumental song is a lovely piece, but probably not worth of going on this album. I would have liked to see a more upbeat, rock and roll song to complement the rest of “Cleopatra.”

Sick in the Head” is probably the weakest of their songs and I would skip over without question.

If you listen to the album and somehow want more, please attend the concert on May 22, 2016 at “The Bomb Factory” in Deep Ellum, I will probably be there.

– Emily Fuller – Video Editor –