Meet the New Mii App


Miis, avatars for Nintendo’s Wii console, were very popular on Wii consoles all around the world a decade ago. Now, you can play with those very same tiny people on your smartphone with the Mii Tomo app.

Scrolling through my miniature collection of Mii characters that I had just created using the innovative app, I reminisced over my many days making Mii characters with my friends on my Wii Console. I never thought I would be doing the same thing five years later.

The app, which was released in Japan in early March and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, racked up one million players in just the first three days of release according to the Nintendo website.

The Mii Tomo app isn’t really a game, but more of a social media platform in which you can recreate an image of yourself and describe your personality through varying prompts. You can use a photo of your face to detect your facial features to make a customized Mii of yourself and create your own voice for your Mii.

The app is a mixture of the creative Snapchat face filters with the entertaining questions asked on You can even take photos of your Mii and put them in your Miifoto. But unlike the old version on the Wii console, you can only create one personal Mii character.

The purpose of the app is to meet new people through this innovative social media platform and interact with them. You can also like and comment on their questions to start up a conversation. To add friends, you can connect with social media sites like Facebook, or connect with anyone on your server. The more friends you make, the more money and prizes you receive.

You can go shopping as well at the Mii Mall and win clothes through many games that are available. The newest Mii fashion at the Mii mall is also an option where you can express your own style though the clothing that your Mii wears.

While the app is fun at first, it can become boring after a few days. The app’s format stays true to the Mii town on a Wii console, but it lacks the community feel of the old game. You do, however, receive coins and game tickets quite quickly, so money isn’t an issue if you want to buy clothes and play games.

Although you customize your own Mii with the same style as the decade-old program on the Mii Tomo App, you can interact in a fresh, new way with other friends’ Miis.

This innovative new app was highly anticipated from Nintendo lovers all around the world, but there are some things that could be changed to improve the quality of the app. Instead of just one Mii, i wish that you could create many. Also, it would have been nice to see some more options for the avatar characteristics, since i had a hard time finding my hair type and color in the options.

If you are a true Nintendo fan, you will appreciate this new version of this beloved game. Overall it is an entertaining app with some flaws, but I would still recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the old Miis on the Nintendo’s Wii console.