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Fal-awfully Good Food


Let me be frank: I love a good falafel. What’s not to like about balls of deep-fried chickpea goodness? Nothing, that’s what.

So when I first heard that Amsterdam Falafelshop had been named The Hottest Restaurant in Dallas Right Now by Eater Dallas, I was excited to say the least. 

The name may seem illogical at a glance, seeing as the chain originated in Washington, D.C. However, it actually kind of makes sense. The Netherlands has a significant Middle Eastern population, and according to the Amsterdam Bureau of Research and Statistics, 14 percent of the capital’s population is Muslim. The couple that founded the growing franchise told The University of Maryland’s student newspaper The Diamondback that they were inspired after visiting Amsterdam and tasting the Middle Eastern food there.

In acknowledgement of both cultures, the falafelshop features very Amsterdam-esque decorations. The wall outside of the restaurant is emblazoned with a Dutch street sign, and an old-fashioned bicycle hangs from the high ceiling above the entrance, referencing the heavy bicycle culture in Amsterdam. Old-fashioned Amsterdam street lamps add extra light to the establishment, and Dutch posters are displayed on the walls.

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The food serves as reference to Middle Eastern culture, and it’s well prepared. You have the choice between ordering your falafel in a pita pocket or in a bowl. There’s also a DIY topping bar with tons of choices, from tahini to fried eggplant. The falafels are crispy on the outside, savory on the inside, and all-around tasty. The toppings I chose were the yogurt dill, naked salad, pickled beets, Turkish salad (which is kind of like salsa), fried eggplant, and torrator (which they also call their “really-garlicky-garlicky-parsley”). All my toppings complemented the falafel very nicely, and made the already-tasty falafels even better.

However, if you’re not down for falafel, you can also get a lamb shawarma or double-fried french fries (frieten in Dutch). The shawarma is warm and the lamb is nice and tender. The frieten taste pretty much like your standard fries, but the curried ketchup you can get with them adds a yummy kick.

The only concern I had with Amsterdam Falafelshop was not the food, but the setting. It’s definitely not a family-friendly establishment, as there’s NSFW artwork on the walls, and drug references at the counter. It’s not great for large groups either – of the 10 indoor tables, only one had more than three chairs, and the outside tables seat only up to four people. However, I did think that the holes they put in the tabletops as drink-holders were a neat feature.

Other than these minor drawbacks, Amsterdam Falafelshop is a great place to eat. If you ever want a taste of the Middle East in your very own backyard, head on down to Deep Ellum.


Amsterdam Falafelshop

2651 Commerce St #120

(214) 888-6831

Sun – Tue: 11 a.m. – midnight

Wed – Sat: 11 a.m. – 3 a.m.



Amanda Kim – Managing Editor –

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