Ready to “Roll” with Chills 360


After months of scrolling through Instagram, I noticed a trend as dozens of videos highlighting “rolled ice cream “continued to pop up on my screen day after day. I became fascinated by the idea that a flavored cream-like liquid could transform into ice-cream as it froze on a stainless steel surface and was mixed with toppings, rolled up and arranged in a bowl. Soon after discovering this one of a kind dessert an event popped up on my Facebook announcing the opening up of Chills 360, a rolled ice cream shop in the heart of Deep Ellum. I was excited to finally try this popular dessert for myself and see whether the flavors were as impressive as the presentation.

Also known as stir-fried and ice pan ice cream, rolled ice cream originated in Thailand and soon made its way to Chelo Creamery in Los Angeles and 10Below Ice Cream in New York City. Many tourist and locals turn to these dessert hot spots when searching for a sweet treat.

The ice cream is made in a teppan, a type of steel grill, at about  minus 31 degrees Fahrenheit. Then a type of soy or dairy milk is poured onto the freezing surface and mixed with various different toppings such as fresh fruit, an assortment of candy and other sweets. Finally, the employees chop and mix the ingredients with two metal spatulas until the ice cream has congealed and is ready to enjoy.

I decided to map the shop on my GPS, but even with directions I had trouble spotting it in the cluster of restaurants without sign marking the entrance. The only indication I was in the right place was a small sign on the locale’s windows with pictures of different variations of rolled ice cream.

The shop could be described as a hole-in-the-wall, differing greatly from the spacious store I had imagined housing this unique dessert.

A chalkboard at the back of the shop illuminates the room. Decorated with brightly colored letters, the board lists out the possible flavor options ranging from the “Cookie Monster”, a mix of chocolate ice cream and Oreos to the “Cutie Pie”, a mix of vanilla ice cream and one of their seasonal pies. But if you want to mix it up they also offer a variety of other toppings, like toasted marshmallows, graham crackers and M & Ms, that you can add or substitute to these pre-made combinations.

After selecting the “Hangover”, a mix of coffee ice cream and Kit Kats, I struggled to order over the blaring music that sent vibrations through the store. I enjoyed watching the employees work with their spatulas, the process almost reminding me of the chefs at Benihana, twirling their spatulas and leaving you amazed. Despite this fascination, I ended up waiting 30 minutes before I could enjoy my own ice cream. The shop was hot and crowded with no place to sit.

But the minute I took the first bite I realized it was worth the wait. It tasted creamier than your typical coffee ice cream which mixed well with the crunch of the Kit Kats. I also enjoyed the fresh strawberry on top. Similarly, my friend’s “Cookie Monster” had the perfect balance between creamy and crunchy with the Oreos and the smooth texture from the chocolate ice cream.

Although the atmosphere was not what I had expected, the flavors were unique and the experience surpassed all of my expectations.

– Amelia Brown – Asst. Sports and Health Editor –