Best of Indie Beauty


While we all have our mainstream beauty favorites, indie beauty brands are no joke. Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of the best of indie beauty.


ColourPop was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles. With 3.6 million followers on Instagram, the brand has grown to be a major beauty brand. While ColourPop’s lip products are what put them on the map, the brand has expanded greatly. They sell highlighters, bronzers, contour sticks, eyeshadow, brow products, eyeliners and more. ColourPop has collaborated with prominent beauty gurus, including KathleenLights, Jaime King and Jenn Im. Above all, ColourPop is best known for their affordability. Most of their products are $10 or less, and even better, the brand is cruelty-free!


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LimeCrime is a long-time staple of any indie beauty lover’s makeup bag. LimeCrime was founded in 2008 by Doe Deere and has grown a lot since then. It now has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and is most well-known for their lip products. LimeCrime’s liquid lipsticks, Velvetines, come in many unique colors and a matte or metallic finish. Other products from the brand include liquid eyeliners, metallic foiled eyeshadows, eyeshadow palettes, bullet lipsticks and liquid glosses in a prismatic finish. The brand is vegan and cruelty free, and has even collaborated with indie darling, Melanie Martinez.




Remember the rainbow highlighter craze? Well, this is where it all started. Based out of Orlando, BitterLaceBeauty is a cosmetics brand that can be purchased through their Etsy shop. BitterLaceBeauty has more to offer than just the rainbow highlighter that put them on the map. Currently the shop is stocked with Halloween highlighters, including one with candy corn coloring. Rumor has it that the shop will be restocking soon, so if you don’t already have your rainbow highlight on, don’t fret! It’ll be back soon.



Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill was founded in 2003 by Amy Doan aka “Shrinkle,” and is based in Los Angeles. Sugarpill currently has 1.7 million Instagram followers and quite the cult following. The cosmetics company is best known for their intensely pigmented eyeshadows that come in unique shades and kitschy packaging. The brand has recently branched out into lip products, including liquid and bullet lipsticks. Sugarpill has recently collaborated with drag artist, Kim Chi. Best of all? Sugarpill is vegan and cruelty-free!



Melt Cosmetics

Melt Cosmetics was founded by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, who met while working at Nordstrom makeup counters. 2.2 million Instagram followers strong, Melt Cosmetics is alive and well. The brand is known for their wide range of lipstick shades and high-quality eyeshadow palettes that come in a unique stacked shape, hence the name “Stacks.” The online store’s merchandise sells out quickly after a restocking, so be sure to shop fast!


– Ashlynn Long – Assistant Castoff Editor