Bird Bakery Spreads Its Wings


7 Highland Park Village, Dallas, TX 75205

Sunday-Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM


I’ve always been wary of celebrity-affiliated restaurants. I know I should give them a chance, but the cynic in me often suspects that celebrity-turned-restaurateurs are banking on their name to sell dishes, rather than focusing on actual quality. So when I heard that Elizabeth Chambers, television personality and wife of actor Armie Hammer, had opened up a new restaurant in Highland Park Village, I’ll admit my expectations weren’t all too high.

Bird Bakery looked harmless enough from the outside. The exterior looked a little like a Parisian café, with outdoor seating and a forgettable gray and white striped awning. It was cute, sure, but kind of boring. It didn’t give me a lot of hope for a fun interior.

I was proven wrong as soon as I stepped foot inside. The interior was cozy, bright and charming. It looked like the kind of place you’d see tagged as #aesthetic on Instagram. There were adorable bird-themed decorations abound, including birdcage-inspired ceiling lights and blue birdhouses placed atop the open display refrigerator. The line was a little long, but it moved quickly; those waiting to place their order at the counter could spend their time admiring the sweet treats on display. Though Bird Bakery is known for their cupcakes and other desserts, they also offer savory sandwiches and soups. The staff was extremely friendly, which made me feel very welcome.

The food came very quickly, but after one bite of my California Turkey sandwich I was sure I wouldn’t have minded waiting for much longer.

I concede defeat. Elizabeth Chambers proved me wrong. My sandwich was absolutely delicious. I loved how light and refreshing all the ingredients were. It actually tasted healthy. The tangy tomato soup was full of flavor, and it was a generous serving in a deep bowl. Each entrée was served on a beautiful brass tray, something that I appreciated.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without getting something from the bakery. I tried two different cupcakes, one Fresh Coconut and the other Southern Red Velvet. Again, I was pleasantly surprised. I often find cupcakes too sweet, but these were just right. The Fresh Coconut cupcake was my personal favorite and served as a great ending for a great meal.

My only issue was the seating. All the tables were taken, so many people had to share tables. I was lucky to get a table that I didn’t have to share. For people who aren’t in the mood to socialize with strangers, the seating arrangements are definitely a problem. Overall, however, it was a fantastic experience.

Bird Bakery says on their website that they “believe that treating yourself also means treating yourself well.” They’ve made that dream a reality with their food.

– Amanda Kim – Managing Editor –