Poke Into A New Realm of Food


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2625 Old Denton Rd #330, Carrollton, TX 75007

(972) 242-2012


For fans of seafood, sushi and salads, poke will change your life. New stores have been popping up around the greater Dallas area and existing stores have become more popular in the recent months, but this style of eating deconstructed “sushi,” or a sushi salad, is anything but new.

Poke originated in Hawaii when fisherman seasoned the cutoffs of the fish they caught to eat as a snack. Since its introduction, poke bowls have been highly influenced by Asian cuisine and culture. Staple ingredients of Asian foods, including green onions, soy sauce and sesame oils, are found in these bowls.

While the dish is meant to be an appetizer, the “regular” option from Below 40 Poke, which is $9, will definitely satiate your hunger. However, if you’re feeling more hungry or want to split a bowl with a friend, there is also a “large” bowl option for $3 more.

The physical appearance of the two-month-old restaurants provides a great environment to fully munch down, mixing contemporary modern aesthetics with this ancient, cultural food. Who doesn’t like seeing white brick walls with plants growing out of them when eating some good food?

The restaurant is casual, and set up so you can order at the front, choose your own place to sit, and have your food brought to you. Ordering is simple and easy. There are two options: ordering a chef selected bowl or making your own bowl. I ordered the regular size bowl with white rice, tuna and salmon, sauce, crab meat and edamame, all of the add-ins, and all of the “top it off” options.

Below 40 Poke offers a great ambiance with great food. Just a quick tip: if you submit a quick yelp review about the restaurant, you can show it to the cashier and get a free dessert of your choice.

– Cheryl Hao – Asst. Web Editor –