Juiceland: The place where drinks really do come true


1888 Sylvan Ave STE F150 (214) 760-4828

Juiceland, an Austin-based juice shop is starting to make waves in Dallas and has thoroughly convinced customers that is the place where “drinks come true.”

I had previously visited one of the other locations in Austin, and I was both excited and skeptical to see if the juice would hold up to my high expectations and memories.

When I stepped into Juiceland, I felt like I had been thrown into a time machine landing me in the ’70s. From the radiant and whimsical murals plastering the concrete walls outside and adorning the inside, to the even brighter colored juices that flowed from the kitchen onto the counter like clockwork, Juiceland is probably the most vibrant place I have ever been in.

With a variety of options that could make anyone’s mouth water, it’s hard to choose a single drink. Lined up in the corner of the shop are healthy prepared meals, ranging from grilled chicken with freshly cut carrots to whole coconuts, all ready for the taking.

A favorite of mine is their best-selling smoothie, Clementine, which consists of a punch of sour orange juice and the refreshing taste of sweet mango. Another favorite would be the Valley Girl Juice, a sour, refreshing taste of pineapple, grapefruit, orange and the deadly combination of lemon and lime.

Each juice is reasonable priced, ranging from $4 to $9. The sizes run a little large, so if you are substituting a meal, I would suggest a large, and for a casual after-school snack, the medium. There is also the kids size for the little juice-enthusiasts in training.  

Juice is the main option they serve here, hence the name, but there is a multitude of meal options for vegetarians and vegans such as the Vegan Taco Salad adorned with organic vegetables and chorizo and their famous Clean and Soba Noodle bowl with black bean noodles and kale.

If you are feeling extra healthy, you can go through a Juiceland Cleanse with their full-proof juices. For $75 a day, you can cleanse your body from those pesky toxins, while drinking their delicious juices all day long. You can build your own cleanse with a box for around six juices, or let the experts decide for you, with their specially-designed juice concoctions.  

Although it can be a trek just to get a fresh-pressed juice or thirst-quenching smoothie, I assure you that when you step into Juiceland’s bright green room, you will know you came to the right place.  

– Paige Halverson – Staff Writer –