Do Not Resuscitate


With a measly 49 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and described as “exasperating” by a Philadelphia Inquirer critic, “Flatliners'” 1990 predecessor was not a hit by anyone’s standards, which begs the question–why make another?

The real answer is money. The 1990 version of “Flatliners,” although not critically acclaimed by anyone’s standards, made around $61.3 million in the US, around $144 million today, which well passed its $26 million budget. This time around, it seems, 2017’s “Flatliners,” is predicted to make much less.

With a small budget of around $20 million, “Flatliners” made a pitiful $2 million, opening day and $7 million for the weekend.

With tough competition such as the sequel to the 2014 “Kingsman” hit, “Kingsman: the Golden Circle” breaking records, it seems that “Flatliners” won’t be garnering any such awards, any time soon.

The premise stays true to the original. Some Chicago-based Med students try to play god and see what happens after death, which eventually makes the young adults face their past sins. As appealing as this may seem, be warned: don’t watch the trailer.  

First of all, like most movies nowadays, the trailer gives away the entire plot: manipulating death may not be the best idea, leading to inevitable mayhem.

With it’s fast-paced start and unimaginative ending, “Flatliners” is basically an extended trailer. With it’s predictable plot, it leaves the viewers one step ahead, not on the edges of their seats.

By the fourth resuscitation, the viewers aren’t exactly worried if this time they won’t make it back to continue these ridiculous experiments.

Both movies, “Flatliners” (1990), and “Flatliners” (2017), although, lure audience members in by casting well known celebrities.

In the original, actors such as Julia Roberts, who played her iconic role as Vivian in “Pretty Woman” the very same year, and the young heart-throb, Kevin Bacon were casted.

In the remake, those upon the cast were actress and activist, Ellen Page, known her her role in “Juno” which garnered her an Oscar nod, and actress, Nina Dobrev, the relatable, vampire/girl-next-door, in CW’s hit,  “The Vampire Diaries”.

But sadly for the producers, these Hollywood stars have not garnered the same appeal as its predecessor, as currently, “Flatliners” has a miserable two percent on Rotten Tomatoes. And maybe this time, if the film gods are merciful, they won’t rehash another insufferable remake of “Flatliners” any time soon.

1.5/5 STARS

Paige Halverson – Castoff Editor

Photo provided by Vimeo