Seniors Haunt the Hallways


On Oct. 27, seniors continued the tradition of decorating the hallways for Halloween and scaring the underclassmen. This year, they transformed the Upper School into a carnival-themed haunted house. From clowns to mimes, each student dressed up as creepy characters decked out in fake blood, ripped dresses, masks and even realistic special effects makeup. The Fourcast walks you through each hallway and gives you the fast facts on all the spooks and scares that went down in each one. Hold on tight, it’s pretty scary.

Freshman Hallway 

Theme: Freakshow

Characters: Two-headed people, animal heads, two faces, backbend girls, creepy teddy bear, creepy doll and people with faces on the back of their heads

Fun Fact: Seniors Claire Rattan and Lizzie Benedict joined together to be one of the two-headed people, and they got creative. For their costume, they squeeze into an extra large costume and both wore freaky masks.

Sophomore Hallway

Theme: Mimes

Characters: Mimes, silent doll, contortionist and silent clowns

Fun Fact: Talk about creepy. The sophomore hallway was completely silent and clear pieces of string dangled from the ceiling so they brushed against people walking through.

Junior Hallway

Theme: Circus Gone Wrong

Characters: Lion tamer, ringmaster, tightrope walker, scary clowns, knife throwers and fire breathers

Fun Fact: It was an interactive hallway with games like Cornhole and Go Fishing that underclassmen could play as they walked through the hall.

Senior Hallway

Theme: Clowns

Characters: Scary clowns, quiet clowns, cheerful clowns and distressed clowns

Fun Fact: Senior hallway leader Hannah Sipes was behind many of the special effects makeup seen on seniors. The makeup is so detailed and gory that you’ll think it’s real. She runs an Instagram account with over 4,000 followers called, which features her creepy creations, like bloody cuts and alien makeup.

Story by Aurelia Han, Editor-in-Chief

Photos by Cirrus Chen