Dazed and Amused


A decorative sign on the far back wall of Sweet Daze Dessert Bar reads “a picture is worth a thousand calories,” but was it really worth it? Yes.

Sweet Daze Dessert Bar is tucked in the back of a shopping center at Campbell Road and Nantucket Drive in Richardson and is Instagram famous for its decorated designer do- nuts and supremely swirled soft serve. The spot is relatively new, having just opened in mid-July. The prices at Sweet Daze range from $3.25 for a small cup of soft serve to $5.50 for the soft serve with a donut cone, which is soft serve spiraled on a glazed donut. Toppings are 50 cents each.

I ordered a variety of gorgeous desserts: black velvet ice cream, galaxy cheesecake, a mermaid donut, fruity pebbles cake and cinnamon toast crunch ice cream on top of a glazed donut. Other options on their menu include unicorn and s’mores designer donuts and fruity pebbles and mango pineapple artisanal soft serve. They also offer certain cakes and pies for limited times, like cookies and cream tres leches cake and cutie pie, a pink, purple and blue white chocolate flavored mousse pie topped with rainbow sprinkles and hearts.

My favorite was the cheesecake. The outside is blue, pink and black glazed, speckled with white dots and stars, but the galaxy effect did not stop there. The actual cheesecake was black with neon blue, pink and purple spots. It tasted light and airy with the appropriate amount of sweetness.

Another favorite was the black velvet ice cream. Although it did not taste exactly like the advertised red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, the soft serve was sweet without being too sugary.

While they do warn you before ordering, I was surprised that the ice cream actually turned my teeth black. Even the rest of my mouth was a shade darker. I would not recommend eating it right before an event, date or photo op.

When my family and I arrived at 2:30 p.m. on a Saturday, there was only a group of girls at a table, but by the time that we left at 2:45, all of the tables were full. Some people even had to stand, leading me to wonder how busy it would be after dinner.

The atmosphere of the new, hip place is completed with retro decorations, which includes a neon pink sign that reads “Sweet Daze Ahead” and rose gold accents throughout the shop. The decor complements the decorated donuts displayed in a large countertop .

But while the place excels in flavor and de- cor it drags in comfort and service. The round tables shook vigorously at the slightest weight shift and when we tried another table, it shook as well. When we ordered, the cashier was not eagerly helpful. She offered minimal guidance and knowledge about the products, and she did not provide as much energy as I had expected from a venue of this type.

The location is difficult to find. It was the second to last shop on a strip of shops perpendicular to the streets and had no signage near the street to let us know it was there. We had to turn around before we could spot the small sign on the building.

Despite a little difficulty ordering, the food does not lie. Sweet Daze sells instagrammable and delectable food that would please any food blogger or sweet tooth. It is here to stay.

Photo and story by Kate Woodhouse, Photo and Graphics Editor