Healthy Alternatives to a Morning Cup of Coffee



Kombucha Can Cure Your Coffee Cravings

This bubbly drink is a type of fermented tea that comes in many flavors and can improve your immune system, digestion and is full of antioxidants. Drinking kombucha can also increase your energy levels like a traditional cup of coffee because it contains a large amount of vitamin B12. Several Dallas restaurants, including Flowerchild, sell kombucha, as well as grocery stores, like Whole Foods and Eatzi’s.

Coffee is No Match for Matcha

With the combination of its natural properties, matcha, a mixture of powdered green tea leaves and water, pro- vides drinkers with a pick-me-up to start off their day. Matcha also contains a high volume of antioxidants, which helps people prevent aging and chronic disease. Drinkers often experience heightened concentration and lower cholesterol. You can find Matcha at Starbucks and other coffee shops or you can make your own by purchasing the powder from your local grocery store.


Tea Time

Do you go through withdrawal without your morning cup of coffee? Black tea might be able to satisfy your cravings without any side effects. When brewed, a cup of black tea contains about 40 milligrams of caffeine, which is almost half the amount of caffeine in a traditional cup of coffee. So having a cup of tea will not only give you the caffeine boost you need but researchers have found that drinking tea on a regular basis also helps with heart and oral health. Turning to tea might be the answer to ending your caffeine deprived headaches without reverting back to coffee.

Story by Amelia Brown, Sports and Health Editor