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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

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The first track meet in more than 30 years was March 22.
Daisies host first track meet in 30 years
Callie Coats and Mary Elise EstessApril 16, 2024

Callie Coats and Mary Elise Estess are reporters in Intro to Journalism.  They covered the Split H Relays on March 22.

HockaDance Spring Concert 2024
Arts + Life
HockaDance Spring Concert 2024
Mary Bradley Sutherland, Photo and Graphic Editor • April 16, 2024

Committed seniors pose in front of their respective college banners.
Senior Signing Day
Shreya Vijay, Opinions Editor • April 12, 2024

Eleven seniors have committed to play sports at the collegiate levels at the D1 and D3 levels. Taylor Hua Varsity captain and defender...

StuCo steps up
StuCo steps up
April 12, 2024

Brings All the Boys to the Yard


Calling all sweet tooths (non-sweet tooths, you’ll want to listen too), Dallas has the ultimate sugar-packed, over-the-top, diet unfriendly and indulgent dessert out there. Meet Cre?me de la Cookie’s freakshake.

Starting with an innocent milkshake, freakshakes are elevated and topped with other desserts ranging from cakes, brownies, cake balls, ice cream cones and more. It’s the leaning tower of sugar, and it’s worth every single calorie.

All over popular food blogger Instagram feeds, freakshakes have stolen the food show on social media, with the most popular shakes served at New York City’s Black Tap Craft Burger and Beers. Lines to get into this restaurant and try its dessert superstar wrap around the building and last for hours.

After a long and stressful week at school, I made my way over to Snider Plaza, where Cre?me de la Cookie is located near Nekter Juice Bar and Zoe’s Kitchen. The bakery display is stuffed with sweet treats including the shop’s heavenly cake balls and brownies, but the magic behind the freakshake happens in the kitchen. Only available on weekends, these freakshakes should be added to your Dallas food bucket list.

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Deciding between the unicorn and the “stress eater” shake, I ultimately went with the latter as the name seemed fitting after finishing three tests and one essay that week. A vanilla milkshake base with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, a donut, cupcake, cookie sandwich, two cake balls, brownies and a generous amount of whipped cream, this “stress eater” shake was unlike anything I have ever tasted or laid eyes on. Served in a glass mason jar, the shake was a few inches bigger than my head with the never-ending tower of dessert toppings.

I could only conquer about a third of the shake and a few bites of each dessert topping before the sugar high kicked in and my body could not handle another sip of the brilliant yet ultra-sugary drink.

Brownie points (no pun intended) for the fact that while sipping and munching on this freakshake, my stress level did go significantly down. Away went the thoughts of BC Calculus integral problems and in came happy thoughts of chocolate and sprinkles.

My only complain is that the shake itself was a little watery and not as thick as I would like a milkshake to be. Yet, the decadent desserts on top made up for it.

I recommend bringing along some friends or family to try out the freakshake at Creme de la Cookie and snap a few Instagram-worthy pictures posing with the shake while you’re at it. There’s no need to travel all the way to the Big Apple and wait in crazy long lines to try this trendy food because it’s right here in Dallas. And you’ll be in and out of the bakery within 30 minutes.

While the freakshake is definitely a cheat- day type of dessert, it’s ultimately worth the $12 and the temporary sugar rush. Start off your weekend right, with a freakshake!

Story and photo by Aurelia Han

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