Crazy for Crazy Rich Asians


Going into Crazy Rich Asians, I expected nothing less than what the title promised to deliver. However, rather than a movie that once again stereotypes Asians, a hilariously funny chick flick with no shortage of drama was delivered.

Adapted from Kevin Kwan’s book of the same name, director John Chu, beautifully adapts this book to the silver screen. Often a minority in Hollywood, Crazy Rich Asians makes sure to represent the Asian race well through its actors whom are all of Asian heritage.

The movie starts out with Rachel, one of the main protagonists, traveling to Singapore to meet her boyfriend’s, Nick Young, family. However upon arrival to her surprise she discovers that his family is filthy rich.

The book often describes the ostentatious wealth that the Young family displays as far more than just wealthy. The movie goes above and beyond to show just how wealthy the youngs are from the fancy supercars to the giant houses in the middle of Singapore. I remained in awe watching the beautiful way that the families from the book were converted to the movie.

Although on the surface the movie may seem like a typical rom com, what was delivered was a heart-warming story about the battle between family and love. Delivered through the unconventional choice of an all Asian cast, Chu did not fail to deliver what the audience imagined.

Although, the road to Rachel and Nick’s happy ending did not come without a few bumps in the road. As Rachel goes to Singapore to make her best impression on Nick’s family she is surprised to find that the culture and society there does not accept her as his girlfriend. Often the victim of many malicious threats and jokes Rachel preserves in the name of true love. Unlike many rom-coms where the male protagonist saves the damsel in distress Rachel preserves on her own, as strong independent 21st century woman.

However, Nick struggles with a different battle, between the world he grew up in and the woman he loves. The actors wonderfully show the tight night bond between the Asian family and the centuries of family traditions that are passed down through generations. The audience sees Nick struggling to reaccept these traditions while still maintain with his modern life.

Crazy Rich Asians beautifully shows how traditions can be maintained in a world that is as high tech as Singapore. It shows how society can be unaccepting of an outsider despite their hard work and resilient character. At the climax love nor family did win, as Rachel sacrifices her love for Nick in order for him to be with his family.

Finally at the end of the movie there was not a dry eye in theatre as the audience watched Rachel and Nick live out their “happily ever after”, with the approval of Nick’s mother and grandmother whom were so vehemently opposed to their relationship beforehand. As Nick gets down on one knee and proposes to Rachel the whole audience wished they could have their very own Nick to propose to them.

Story by Sahasra Chigurupati

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.