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Committed seniors pose in front of their respective college banners.
Senior Signing Day
Shreya Vijay, Opinions Editor • April 12, 2024

Eleven seniors have committed to play sports at the collegiate levels at the D1 and D3 levels. Taylor Hua Varsity captain and defender...

StuCo steps up
StuCo steps up
Lang Cooper, Sports Editor • April 12, 2024

Sunnie Wang is the Student Council President for the 2024-2025 school year. Q: Why did you decide to run for President? A: It has been a goal...

Senior Ryan Brown writes on the bard during the classs social impact day.
Students tackle global issues
Anika Shah, Staff Writer • April 12, 2024

Debating worldwide issues like migration and justice, the senior seminar Global Issues gives students an analytical view on modern world issues...

Rutledge and her family preparing for Eid celebration.
Fasting for faith
April 12, 2024

(Im)pressed Juicery


//PICTURED ABOVE: A chocolate chip cookie freeze from Pressed Juicery.

Cold-pressed juice is a relatively long-standing food trend in America, giving rise to many juice bars and brands such as Pressed Juicery. With more than 75 locations nationwide, Pressed Juicery finally arrived in Dallas in August with its full array of juices, blends, freezes and “functional” shots.

The first thing I noticed about the new location was its limited parking, as many spots were reserved for businesses on the same strip, and other spots were filled. There was a free parking garage according to signs, but I luckily found a spot outside.

Once inside, there was a line of people waiting to get their hands on some cold-pressed juice and vegan freezes. The store was full of natural light and felt very open and clean.

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At the counter, I ordered a chocolate chip cookie freeze, Citrus 2, a Strawberry Almond blend and a Rose Lemonade. When I -visited the store, Pressed Juicery was running a “4 items for $20” deal, so once I paid my $20, I took a seat and began to sample the various juices.

I was apprehensive at first about the freeze—a five-ingredient, vegan ice cream— but I was proven wrong: the vanilla freeze itself was delicious, as were the toppings, though the texture of the chocolate drizzle was surprising at first. 

All the toppings were gluten-free, but only the chocolate chips and cookie crumble were vegan. The texture was not as smooth as a typical soft serve, but I did not find myself wishing I were eating anything different. The texture lingered in my mouth afterward, but I felt less sluggish than I would after an indulgent scoop of ice cream. I got Size One, the smaller of the two sizes offered, and this normally costs $5 for nonmembers, plus $1 for three toppings and 50 cents per additional topping.

Then, I tried the Strawberry Almond Blend and it was not my favorite. The strawberry taste was too strong to be considered subtle and too slight to stand out. The texture was poor, with the almond particles building up in my mouth after each sip. For non-members, this drink costs $8, and the taste definitely doesn’t justify its high price tag. However, I still felt good after drinking it, and later, my mother enjoyed the drink.

I moved to Citrus 2 and quickly learned the reason behind its popularity. The drink was full of flavors, without one overpowering the rest. The pineapple and apple were the strongest but were balanced with just enough lemon to add zest without embittering it.

It also had a subtle minty aftertaste, which really made the drink stand out. In fact, I found myself drinking over half the bottle in one sitting. For non-members, the price of juices and lemonades is $6.50.

Finally, I tasted the Rose Lemonade, which was ultimately my personal favorite. One of the newer drinks, the Rose Lemonade was the prettiest of my order, colored with pink dragon fruit. Although it smelled of roses, it did not taste overwhelmingly floral. The drink wasn’t overpowering or too sweet; instead, there was just enough honey to balance the lemon. Then again, I’m partial to rose. My mother’s favorite drink, on the other hand, was the Citrus 2.

Overall, Pressed Juicery is a great place to go if you are looking for vegan treats or a healthier soft-serve to satisfy your cold-pressed juice cravings. Because Pressed Juicery is both health-conscious and delicious, I will be returning for more freezes and juices!


Business Manager Catherine Sigurdsson’s Recipe For Delicious Strawberry Pineapple Smoothies


1?2 cup fresh pineapple

1?2 cup frozen strawberries

1 can Dole pineapple juice 

1?4 cup frozen raspberries

1?4 – 1?2 teaspoon matcha powder to taste (optional)

Milk (add to your desired consistency – feel free to use milk substitutes!)


  1. Assemble your ingredients, making sure your pineapple is cut in easily-blended chunks. 2. Put your fruit, juice, and matcha in your blender and turn to a medium speed – adjust blender speed as needed as you make your smoothie!
  2. Add your milk/milk substitute, if you’re using, as you blend. Keep blending until there are no more fruit chunks in your smoothie.
  3. Add ice to your smoothie if you’d like a more solid consistency.
  4. Once finished, pour yourself a cup of your smoothie and drink up!

Story by Catherine Sigurdsson

Photo provided by Karen Lin

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