Can You Run with the Colors of the Wind?


On Sept. 7, Hockaday held its second annual Color Run and Wellness Festival, celebrating athletics as well as health. This event expanded further since last year, including not only multiple wellness stations but also a dedication for cross country seniors. As students and parents jogged a mile, faculty and staff colored the runners’ white shirts. Across the finish line, food trucks and various booths related to fitness greeted participants with free samples, delicious treats and health-related activities.


  1. Barely containing their energy, the runners wait for the signal.
  2. As soon as the word “start” is called, vibrant colors spread above and everyone rushes past the starting line before the dust can settle.
  3. Through the light cloud of dust, a runnerl passes through with green power showering on her.
  4. Already covered with various colors, sophomore Cici Sprouse dives in for a sprinkle of pink on her shirt.
  5. Staff from the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital venue share a pin with a focused child.
  6. Sophomore Sherri Hong, Dora Cosic and junior Elain Wang smile with a cool treat after the run.

Story and photo by Eugene Seong