Hockaday Letter of Recommendation: Topo Chico


A classic Topo Chico drink in a retro glass bottle. The red and yellow logo displays an Aztec drinking from a magical spring, the Topo Chico spring, which is part of the legend behind Topo Chico.

Sparkling. Bubbly. Seltzer. Fizzy. Carbonated. No matter what you call it, sparkling water is starting to dominate society. 

Since the first bottle of carbonated water produced by the Schweppes Company in the 18th century, people were hooked. Today, you will find numerous brands of sparkling water on grocery store aisles, in advertisements, and even on T-shirts. 

The rise of the sparkling water era has brought about an intense debate about which brand of sparkling water is the best. The answer is simple: Topo Chico!

Topo Chico is a mineral water brand founded in Mexico in 1895. Its premise came from a Mexican legend about an Aztec princess, and since then it has become one of the most important drinks in Mexico. 

In recent years Topo Chico’s popularity has blossomed in the United States with people wearing Topo Chico clothes and posting on social media with the hashtag “#TOPOLIFE.” However, my family’s relationship with the sparkling water brand began prior to the trend.

My family’s appreciation for Topo Chico began in August 2012 when I was 9. My mom discovered the brand when she was hosting a party for a family friend after needing to find a replacement for Perrier, another brand of sparkling water, at the last minute. My mom and her guests loved the drink, and from that moment on she has been hooked. Thus, an era began. 

Eventually, my mom influenced my sister, and by 2014, my mom was drinking multiple Topo Chicos a day, with my sister taking them to school in a reusable water bottle. My dad, however, doesn’t even enjoy regular water, so as you can imagine he was not a fan of Topo Chico. I promised myself that I would not fall victim to this Topo Chico cult, and even though my promise did not last, I am proud of the fact that I do not drink four to five a day. 

What makes Topo Chico so appealing is that it has managed to discover the perfect amount of bubble for sparkling water – not too fizzy but not too flat. Topo Chico also provides the drinker with a chic but old-fashioned vibe due to its glass bottle with a cap that has to be popped off. 

Another appeal of Topo Chico that even haters of sparkling water can’t deny is the variety of flavors the drink offers: lime, grapefruit, and regular are all flavors of Topo Chico, giving the beverage a soft drink similarity and flair. My favorite way to drink Topo Chico is with freshly squeezed lime juice, which makes for a refreshing drink after a workout or when the Dallas summer sun gets too hot. 

If you haven’t tried sparkling water or Topo Chico, I encourage you to try it! Not everyone will like sparkling water, but if you enjoy any of the drinks produced by The Coca-Cola Company you can consider yourself part of the Topo Chico familia. 

Story by Charlotte Rogers 

Photo provided by Topo Chico USA