A look back into our past

by Maddie Stout, Editor-in-Chief

Each issue, the Fourcast browses Hockaday’s archives and chooses a moment to look back on. This month, we are focusing on the new teachers who have returned to 11600 Welch Road since their graduation: Melissa Allan ‘90, Alex Karigan Farrior ‘03 and Caroline Robb ‘07.

Melissa Allan graduated in 1990, but has continued her involvement with Hockaday to this day. As an Upper School student, she wrote for the Fourcast, sang in the Choir and especially enjoyed her English and Fine Arts classes. Since her graduation, she has

worn many hats: Upper School English teacher, Middle School English teacher, Director of Communications and Marketing and Hockaday parent. This year, Allan will teach English I, returning to the discipline she loves best.

“Since I’ve returned, I’ve seen that the girls really are so wonderful, articulate, ambitious and ready to learn,” Allan said. “I love to see that has remained the same.”

Farrior, who graduated in 2003, returns to her “second home” of the dance balcony as a Middle and Upper School Dance Teacher. While in Upper School, Farrior spent the majority of her time involved with Upper School Orchestra and Hockadance, developing a special relationship with Beth Wortley, former director of dance.

“Coming back has been so amazing,” Farrior said. “The dance balcony still feels just like home, and it’s only gotten better.”

Fifteen years after her graduation, Robb came back to campus as an Upper School math teacher, teaching Integrated Math III and Precalculus. After coming to Hockaday in eighth grade, Robb developed a special love for her math and history classes, eventually double majoring in the subjects.

“Since returning, I’ve been so impressed with the girls and am absolutely floored at the amount of intellectual capability and prowess that they have displayed.”