Food: Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie-11661 Preston Road

Located on the southwest corner of Preston and Forest, Tomato Pie has sprung up as a new pick-up and delivery thin crust pizza restaurant.

Specializing on crispy thin crust pizza, Tomato Pie has alighted on a different twist on classic pizza flavors, reinvented with fresh ingredients and options.

Though lacking much of an interior space for dining (solely boasting about three small round tables), Tomato Pie offers speedy service.

Though I had a bit of a hefty drive home, in which case the pizza chilled slightly, it was still scrumptious even at a slightly cooler temperature. Being an avid Caesar salad lover, I couldn’t wait to dig into the Caesar salad pizza I ordered.

Despite not really tasting like Caesar it was still light and crispy like a caesar salad should be. The chicken was cut into actual chunks as opposed to thin slivers, and the tomatoes were juicy and flavorful.

On the side of the pizza, I decided to try Tomato Pie’s house salad with the house dressing and their Toasty Ravioli appetizer.

The salad, leafy greens with carrots and cheese paired with a sweet and refreshing house dressing, fit nicely with the ravioli. Slightly crunchy on the outside, but soft and warm on the inside, the toasted ravioli, dipped in sweet marinara sauce, tasted like a typical mozzarella stick but crunchier and softer, including more flavors besides just cheese.

Though slightly pricey at $15.25 for a small specialty pizza, their pizza is worth the steep bill for one night. Check out their website for a complete menu and note they deliver for free.