Staffpick: Hello Giggles

I bet I’m not the only girl to admit that that the moment Zooey Deschanel appeared on screen in the classic rom-com  500 Days of Summer, I instantaneously fell in love with both the character she plays and the actress herself.

She was that artsy girl who I always aspired to be like from afar. And HelloGiggles, the website she co-founded, emanates the cute, bubbly and quirky personality she imparts through fresh stories geared towards young women.

Check this website every day, and, in just ten minutes, you can get your daily dosage of the creative Nails of the Day, the spunky Playlist of the Week and comical Twitpic of the Day.

This website, put simply, is fun.

HelloGiggles is divided into categories, catering to what you care about the moment you enter the site, be that food, boys or pop culture, and the stories range in tone from light and playful to deeply serious and profound.

For example, after exploring the HelloGiggles site for just five minutes, I currently have two Internet browser tabs open.

They include “Ouch! My Teenage Life,” which offers words of wisdom to all those girls who believe that “everything sucks and it seems like it’s not going to get any better.” (With the massive amount of homework my teachers have assigned this week, I am guilty as charged for harboring this sentiment.)

The other is the HelloGiggles’ article “Everything I Need to Know, I learned from ‘The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror Episodes,” which should be self-explanatory.

The site also provides a user forum, but not to respond to questions about whether or not an article was enjoyable, as I had expected when I first clicked on the link, but more intended to stimulate casual, friendly conversations, with a guiding prompt of something like “What are you listening to right now?” or “Need to rant? Do it here.”

HelloGiggles is more than just a site for straight news. Rather, it’s an outlet for relatable, feminine stories for girls to read and share with each other.

In the article “I Am A Little Too Invested In Taylor Swift’s Love Life (And You Probably Are, Too),” a hopeful male reader commented, “[Taylor Swift]should just date me. That would make things easy. I’ve only been in love with her since we were 16. And I’m only 2 months older, and we both grew up in PA… and we’re both tall.”

If you’re interested in joining the HelloGiggles community, the site has made itself readily available on just about every social media platform you can imagine. Join its 113,000 Twitter followers, 184,000 Facebook fans and 40,000 YouTube subscribers. The site even has a Tumblr for its users to follow. But it is no doubt that the original site is the best for news that is truly enjoyable to read.