Dance Department Performs Cinderella


A review of the Dance Department’s production of Cinderella

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You know the story. Once upon a time, a girl with a stepmother and two ugly step-sisters meets her Fairy Godmother, goes to a ball and dances with the Prince. The girl has to leave the ball suddenly and inadvertently loses her shoe. The Prince brings her the shoe; they get married and live happily ever after. The end.

Frankly, this story can be trite, but the Hockaday Dance Department did wonders livening it up though colorful costuming, creative choreography and a quick delivery. Dance teachers Beth Wortley and Christie Sullivan waved their magic wands and cut the three-act, two-and-a half-hour ballet to a mere hour.

The Hockaday Dance Department performed this shortened version of the ballet Cinderella for the school on Nov. 13 at 11:20 a.m. in Hoblitzelle Auditorium.

The dancers in all levels appeared well-rehearsed, executing the intricately-patterned choreography with ease. Their steps sparkled nearly as much as senior Abby’s (playing the Fairy Godmother) tutu, which was blindingly brilliant to say the least.

Senior Maddie, who played Cinderella, also transformed from a dull scullery maid into a glittery princess dressed in blue, complete with bedazzled pointe shoes.

Characteristic of any live production, there were some minor mishaps. The clock on one of the props fell off during the Hours Dance. A testament to the dancers’ professionalism, however, Abby scooped up the fallen prop with grace with almost no one in the audience noticing.

The ending of the show, with Cinderella and Prince Charming riding in a lit-up white carriage, brought us back to the fantasy of our childhood. The Lower School girls in attendance were visibly awestruck, but let’s face it, the Upper School girls were, too.

We all love a happy ending.

-Mary Clare