Music: Ke$ha Warrior

Through tacky lyrics and semi-lame rapping, Ke$ha masters the art of conveying tonal degeneracy—with several lackluster dubstep attempts and other-worldly sound effects along the way.

Yet the dance-inspiring beats and catchy booms add excitement to her dreary vocals.

While the album’s iTunes description aptly labels it “a celebration of all things Kesha,” it fails to mention that it’s also a celebration of all things auto-tuned.

But apart from the surprisingly boredom-infused lyrics and squawking vocals, the album is really more of the same rebel/misfit/YOLO party that we’ve heard from this self-made bad girl before.

In all honesty, the lyrics are well crafted: her collaborations with seasoned hitmaker Dr. Luke proved worthwhile. It’s her plethora of supernatural/freaky sounds and lyrics that set her apart from stars such as Katy Perry and Rihanna. In one of my favorite tracks, Supernatural, she brings ghosts into her glitter-filled world.

Another notable track, C’Mon is a catchy pump-up jam that features a “sieze the night” theme. The hypnotic vocal loops, however, can begin to feel plastic-y.

Also a merit of the album, Ke$ha sings more and raps less than we’ve heard before. As with her old jams, however, she celebrates “the beautiful life” in full force.

The more I listen to the album’s tracks, the more I am drawn into the simultaneously mystical and humourous album (re: Gold Trans Am). Once you get past the hideous album cover art, you too just might enjoy  the ride.