Music: Justin Bieber

“Believe Acoustic”

On Jan. 28, pop icon Justin Bieber released an acoustic version of his album “Believe” and reminded fans of the days before his new haircut and earring when he was a 15-year-old YouTube sensation. Stripped of electronic accompaniments, the album showcases Bieber’s talent without autotune, reminding fans why Usher signed him to a record label just a few years ago. While the 10 tracks on the album originally debuted as successful Top 40 dance songs, their acoustics alone remind listeners of the Justin Bieber we initially fell in love with. Carried by his vocal talent, tracks like “Beauty and a Beat” manage to stand alone even without Nicki Minaj and a pool party music video because the acoustic version sounds so much sweeter than the song ever did in a dance setting. Even though the album will have many fans swooning, it isn’t a complete success. The remake of “Boyfriend” feels almost uncomfortable, like you’re listening in on a private phone conversation. And lyrics like “Swaggy” are not ones that are valued for their meaning. “Believe Acoustic” also earns praise for not simply being a remake of the “Believe” album—it holds additional tracks like “Yellow Raincoat” and “I Would,” which will satisfy his avid listeners who are sure to be near a box of tissues with this album come Valentine’s Day.