Music: Justin Timberlake “The 20/20 Experience”

After taking a six-year break since the release of his last album to star in movies such as “The Social Network,” make regular appearances on Saturday Night Live and even try his hand at golf, the prince of pop is back.

But even after the release of his newest album, “The 20/20 Experience,” Timberlake makes his fans wait a little longer. There is nothing instantly infectious about the 10 track album.

JT is too good for that.

His six-something-minute songs progress operatically, pulling the patient listener into a journey much more timeless than the typical hit.

And although Timberlake has maintained his ties to R&B, he has departed from the futuristic feel of his last album, “Future Sex/Love Sounds,” to mix the contemporary with an old-school appeal.

JT takes his listeners on a ride through the love-struck melody “Pusher Love  Girl” to the bhangra-infused “Let the Groove Get In” and into the haltingly sweet “Blue Ocean Floor.” I won’t be tired of this album for a long time, particularly because songs change rhythms and keys freely and at will.

Not only is “The 20/20 Experience” a departure from typical pop in length and rhythm, its tracks also give fans a break from conflict and heartbreak expected of hits these days. Instead, JT celebrates love in simple form. “I’m in love with that girl, and she told me that she’s in love with me,” he croons in “That Girl.”

Mixing this upbeat take on love with a sexy confidence in “Don’t Hold the Wall,” JT scoffs at those who said his girlfriend could “do better.” He replies, plainly, “I’m the best ever.”

To the slight dismay of radio stations keen for three-minute odes to increasingly short attention spans, Timberlake keeps us entertained through winding tunes and rifts. He proves that good music, like “A Suit and Tie,” will always be fashionable.