StaffPick: The Budget Babe

With the end of school right around the corner, it’s time to shed the green and white and actually wear the clothes we have in our closets. But for those of us lacking in apparel suitable for 100-degree weather, there is a convenient and cheap way to stock up on summer attire: The Budget Babe.

The Budget Babe ( is an online fashion blog that takes clothes worn by top celebrities and finds the same styles, but cheaper. So, we don’t have to just dream of looking like our favorite celebrities—now we can actually do it.

The blog is updated every day with new deals from a multitude of different stores, from Target  to J. Crew.

The site is super user-friendly, with “search by celebrity” tabs that allows visitors to choose their favorite celebrity and avoid the ones that don’t really fit their style.

And of course we all know too well that heartbreaking moment when we can’t find the outfit our style icon was wearing at that one movie premiere. Or maybe we did find it, but it’s wildly expensive and definitely not within our $20 allowance.

Well, there’s an easy fix for that too.

The “Ask BB” page allows visitors to send in pictures of celebrities wearing $1,000 outfits and The Budget Babe will find us the same look for far less.

The site also finds and reviews great (and reasonably priced) beauty products, fun room décor and new and trendy nail ideas.

In order to keep visitors in the loop, The Budget Babe has an “Off the Rack” feature that gives us a first look into new collections from brands like Forever 21 and the Kardashian Kollection.

My favorite part of the website, however, is the “Spot the Real” category. It shows us two pictures of what appears to be the same article of clothing, but one is the “real” and one is the “steal.” To find out which one is which, we just click on the image and it takes us to the site where we can purchase it.

That’s what The Budget Babe is all about: finding high-style fashions for less. This summer, don’t waste hundreds of dollars on a few articles of clothing. Instead, use this blog to save a buck but still look great every day. In the words of The Budget Babe herself, “let [me] be the guilty pleasure you don’t really have to feel guilty about.”