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The Fourcast

Committed seniors pose in front of their respective college banners.
Senior Signing Day
Shreya Vijay, Opinions Editor • April 12, 2024

Eleven seniors have committed to play sports at the collegiate levels at the D1 and D3 levels. Taylor Hua Varsity captain and defender...

StuCo steps up
StuCo steps up
Lang Cooper, Sports Editor • April 12, 2024

Sunnie Wang is the Student Council President for the 2024-2025 school year. Q: Why did you decide to run for President? A: It has been a goal...

Senior Ryan Brown writes on the bard during the classs social impact day.
Students tackle global issues
Anika Shah, Staff Writer • April 12, 2024

Debating worldwide issues like migration and justice, the senior seminar Global Issues gives students an analytical view on modern world issues...

Rutledge and her family preparing for Eid celebration.
Fasting for faith
April 12, 2024

What to Watch This Week

The week of Halloween, nothing is better than watching your favorite shows with a haunted twist. Check out the Fourcast’s picks for what to watch live, record and skip this week.

Sunday, October 27

Live:        The Walking Dead
Why: They broke the record for most watched episode of a TV show of all time at 16 million viewers.  However, leaving the compound is a pretty big step. Will everyone make it alive? And what’s up with the governor?

Once Upon a Time
Why: Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) gets a back story. And some action with a certain blond royal. However, this episode, Hook makes true to the words on his Season 3 poster “Believe a Pirate can be a Hero.” The episode though, has a very distinct Tangled feel.

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DVR:       Homeland
Why: Crossing a line is something the CIA-based drama does an awful lot. And this episode it’s quite literal.

Why: Emily loses control…. And is blackmailed. Typical Revenge.

Monday, October 28

Live:        How I Met Your Mother
Why: Halloween episode where strange events start to happen and “No Questions Asked” is a rule.

DVR:       Sleepy Hollow
Why: Renewed for a second season, with a new place in my heart. It’s on hiatus until November, but take this time now to catch up on the supernatural thriller.

Why: After last week’s wedding, Bones has gone from ‘no’ to ‘I do’ in my book.

Dancing with the Stars
Why: No one was eliminated last week? What?!?

Tuesday, October 29

Live:         Supernatural
Why: There’s no place like home. Dorothy apparently is real, and the return of fan favorite Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) makes the episode go back to some Season 1 roots. Note: You might need tissues.

Why: So glad that you’re back. And I wish you the best. It’s going to be a terrible season for Jenna (Ashley Richards). It’s always awkward when the season ends with a fistfight.

DVR:       New Girl
Why:  Hiatus this week.

Agents of SHIELD
Why:  Currently on hiatus for this week, Joss Wesson’s latest and greatest project in TV is worth every minute!

The Mindy Project
Why:  Hanging by a thread, The Mindy Project isn’t looking too… funny.

Wednesday, October 30

Live:       American Horror Story: Coven
Why: Is Madison really dead? Who is the next supreme? Zoe, though I would love if Nan took her place.

DVR:      Revolution
Why: Allegiances will be questioned and visions lead to a spinning head.

Modern Family
Why:  Hiatus.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Why:  Picked up for a full season, the ‘funny cop’ show is moved to Wednesdays.

Thursday, October 31

Live:        Scandal
Why: Getting closer to the truth on Operation Remington, with devastating results.

Why:  Gossip Girl with Royal Intrigue, Reign is somewhat filling the space GG left in my heart.

DVR:      Parks and Recreation
Why: A recall election creates tension.

White Collar
Why: A museum heist and new cases, welcome back to White Collar.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Why: On hiatus, the new show from the creators of Once Upon a Time and the writers of Lost is enchanting, yet I’m not sure if I can deal with anymore lost hearts.

Grey’s Anatomy
Why: Ben’s back, but Bailey doesn’t have any time for that. As usual, Halloween isn’t a good time for the good doctors of Seattle.

The Vampire Diaries
Why: Damon and Elena dress up as Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. I know that you never actually listened in Ric’s class, but you should know better Damon!  And Caroline gets her heart broken… again. Glad she doesn’t know what going on in New Orleans!

Friday, November 1

Live:        Grimm
Why:  A hunt for a maniac and zombie fallout on domestic and international levels.

DVR:       Dracula
Why: Deal with a devil is a theme tonight, yet it’s unclear who is the devil. While Dracula is unsure of the two women he’s associated himself with, Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker make deal with the vampire.

Saturday, November 2

Live:        Saturday Night Live
Why: Scandal star Kerry Washington hosts with musical guest star Eminem.

– Kate Clement

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