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The Fourcast

Fragments of beauty
In Focus
Fragments of beauty
Larkin Clouston and Elle MyersFebruary 29, 2024

February Staff Standoff: Valentine's Day
Alexa Muñoz and Danya Risam-ChandiFebruary 27, 2024

Let Cupid Live - by Alexa Muñoz I have Valentine’s Day plans this year. And this is not the beginning of another malicious anti-Valentine’s...

Junior Jordan Lacsamana utilizes one of MBLs confocal lens microscopes as she observes squid embryos after staining them.
Mastering marine biology
February 27, 2024

From dissections to monitoring fish tanks, the juniors and seniors who spent seven days at the Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL) in Woodshole,...

The DEI Divide
The DEI Divide
February 27, 2024
Lipstick and Ledgers
January 25, 2024

What to Watch This Week

The weather’s getting colder, so you might as well cuddle up to your television. Nothing could keep you more entertained than these TV show picks from the Fourcast.

Monday, November 11

Live:        How I Met Your Mother
Why: Breaking Bad star Bryan Craston returns in a flashback scene in ‘Platonish’ where the Ted/Robin/Barney love triangle is explored as Hammond Druthers (Bryan Craston) offers Ted an offer. Barney receives an offer from Lily and Robin. Will it be ‘Breaking Ted?’

DVR:       Sleepy Hollow
Why: As Ichabod and Abbie encounter another of Hell’s gifts, Abbie receives a visit from dead Andy Brooks, who we previously saw working with Moloch.

Dancing with the Stars
Why: Pretty Little Liars star Bryan Daughery was eliminated last week.

Tuesday, November 12

Live:        The Mindy Project
Why:  Tonight Mindy loses her purse and phone, so she crashes at Danny’s (Chris Messina) place while Peter (Adam Pally, a terrific addition) and Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) recover her goods and send suggestive texts to a dreamy lawyer. Mindy is also that rare show that entertains and offers teaching moments

DVR:       Agents of SHIELD
 Fitz and Ward go on a solo mission for ‘Level 8’ clearance members only, though I clearly remember that a certain jealous Scotsman didn’t pass his field exams.

Why: Castiel (Misha Collins) starts to work at a gas station, after he was booted out by Ezekiel. Yet, we all knew that Dean (Jensen Ackles) couldn’t stay away for long.

New Girl
Why: Nick tries to get in shape with the help of Coach, while Jess and Winston try to get restaurants to go green with menus. Schmidt tries to be overly helpful since moving out.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Why:  A local pizzarea burns down, Jake goes against the Fire Marshall’s (Patton Oswald) rash decision that the owner burned the joint down.

Wednesday, November 13

Live:       American Horror Story: Coven
Why: Meet the villain this season, with Axeman, a haunting spirit, first seen in 1919, who passed over houses that play the blues. The remaining witches make a pact to look out for each other in the wake of Madison’s disappearance, refusing to give up on their fallen sister. Things unravel when the wake contact with the spirit living in the walls.

DVR:      Revolution
Why: Neville tries his chances with the Patriots, and the group tries to escape their current situation, while the family saga drama continues.

Modern Family
Why:  The family attends the fair, where Phil has a big 20th anniversary surprise planned for Claire. Unbeknownst to him, Claire has a surprise waiting back home.

Thursday, November 14

Live:        Scandal
Why: Mellie still tries to recover from public backlash last year, so she decides to do a hard-hitting news interview. Meanwhile, Cyrus continues to plot against Sally Langston, we learn how the dynamic trio (Fitz, Mellie, and Cyrus) became a team. Huck continues to push Quinn away, but her bloodlust could get her into some dangerous situation.

DVR:      Reign
Why:  Mary moves closer to marriage, and the show starts to drag. Who knew that not all European history wasn’t as exciting as Kramer’s class?

Parks and Recreation
Why: The show has been quietly put on Hiatus until Jan. 9.

White Collar
Why: Supernatural and ‘Been-in-everything’ actor Mark Sheppard returns as Curtis Hagen, while Neal makes a bargain with Curtis to protect Agent Peter Burke.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Why: Continuing with the backstory of the Red Queen, while in current Wonderland, the Queen weasels Alice into stealing some magic dust (Pixie Dust, duh).

Grey’s Anatomy
Why: Everything’s going down for Callie with the law, with a malpractice suit and the state of her and Arizona’s marriage.

The Vampire Diaries
Why:  The number of Nina Dobrev’s multiplies. Will we see any Tatia’s soon, or will TVD just become a vampiric version of Orphan Black?

Friday, November 15

Live:        Dracula
Why: Grayson ruthlessly sets out to compromise Lady Jayne, by winning her heart. Lucy’s enthusiastic plans for Mina and Harker’s engagement party conceals her broken heart. Grayson’s unexpected reunion with a very old friend proves a growing complication to his and Van Helsing’s mission of vengeance.

DVR:       Grimm
 Startling revelations are made over the identity of the Royal Baby’s parents and Nick and Hank investigate drowning deaths, with strange marks.

Saturday, November 16

Live:        Saturday Night Live
Why:  Lady Gaga and Josh Hutcherson host.

– Kate Clement

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