What to Watch This Week

Take this last 3.5 day week to indulge in some TV time. The Fourcast gives their recommendations.

Mid-Season Finales

Once Upon a Time (12/15 ABC 8/7 c)

Why: The race is on to stop Pan from enacting another curse, which could kill the whole town. Though they will merely be able to edit the curse, based on the title of the episode “Going Home,” not everyone will be returning to the Enchanted Forest. Remember last time Hook said he was giving up on Emma? Yeah, he’s driving away with her and Henry by the end.

Revenge (12/15 ABC 9/8 c)

Why: As the wedding finally arrives, Emily’s plan seems poised to go off without a hitch — until enemies unite, leading to dire consequences. The real question of the night will not be “Will you take this woman to be you lawfully wedded wife?” I can guarantee it will be “Who shot Emily?!?” I can give you a hint; it’s someone that even the mastermind herself wouldn’t expect.

How I Met Your Mother (12/16 CBS 7:30/7 c)

Why: The title of the episode “Bass Player Wanted” highly references the future Mrs. Mosby who is after all, a bass player. Last season, she met Lily and Barney. Probably in this episode will she meet Robin and Marshall. Spoilers, though, say that the last person she will meet is her future husband, with their adorkable chemistry.

Normal Episodes

Homeland (12/15 Showtime 8/9 c)

Why: Brody’s flying right into the danger zone in Iran and Carrie’s hiding a pregnancy. Saul’s juggling a cheating wife, a scheming senator gunning for his job and Brody’s mission. Will this season send Brody to the great intelligence briefing in the sky? Or will Carrie manage to Argo him out of Iran?

Almost Human (12/16 FOX 8/7 c)

Why: A suspicious death at a hospital, where a man predicted the exact time he would die, leads to the discovery of a black market for vital organs and biomechanical hearts that can be remotely shut off. Meanwhile, Dorian reconnects with a decommissioned DRN.

White Collar (12/19 USA 8/9 c)

Why: Peter’s thrown back into an unsolved larceny case that has Neal worried – because Neal’s the one who committed the crime. The conman (or the culprit depending on your perspective) starts to play games with Peter in order to keep the truth away from him at any cost.

Saturday Night Live (12/21 NBC)

Why:  Former SNL cast member Jimmy Fallon hosts, with returning musical guest Justin Timberlake.

– Kate Clement