Horoscope: Ominous October

A look at your horoscope for the month of October.

Be prepared for a month of drama and severing relationships. At least one of these broken relationships, however, will spontaneously bring a great triumph and eye-opening experience. Be on the lookout, but do not get wrapped up in searching for success. Also, be very cautious of tricks and illusions, for October is a month of deception. To add to an already unbalanced month, tardiness will be present in many aspects of your life. Plan on leaving early for any event and be especially wary to not leave anything to the last minute.

As you near the end of the month, look for extra money on Oct. 27, love on Oct. 11 and luck on Oct. 5. A good day to rest and relax will be on Oct. 19.

– Charlsea Lamb