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Libby Hill

Libby Hill

Libby is a sophomore who loves any type of dessert, dried fruit and spearmint gum. She can usually be found at Bachman Lake (wearing her crocs!), talking about being born on 04/04/04 and watching a good sunrise/sunset.

Taking Your Musicality to the Next Level: TPSMEA All-State

Orchestra and choir students from all across the state gathered in Richardson on Jan. 23 to 25 for the Texas Private School Music Educators Association (TPSMEA) Choir and Orchestra Clinic and Concert.  TPSMEA is...

Behind the Scenes: Creator of Sage Spa Water describes her creative process

Sage staff member Yolanda has been creating the intricate designs for the dining hall spa water for the past year. Every day, when students walk into the lunch line, they see containers with beautiful...

Mixing It Up: Fine Arts Continues to Integrate Visual, Performing arts

//PICTURED ABOVE: Sophomores Tukwa Ashan and Sydney Ghorayeb look at a piece of art displayed in the choir room during intermission at Coffeehouse. Last year, the Upper School Fine Arts Board, led by Kate...

Review of the IHOP’s Addams Family Specials Menu

Video by Libby Hill and Campbell Harris

The Ultimate Chicken Sandwich

Fourcast staff Maddie Stout, Libby Hill and Campbell Harris test out 3 chicken sandwiches to determine the ultimate chicken sandwich. Video by Maddie Stout and Libby Hill

Reel People or Reel Originals?

//PICTURED ABOVE: Lately, many Disney live action remakes have come out or are scheduled for release. The “Cinderella” remake was released in 2015 and did well with audiences and Disney fans. Stick With What...

Postmates vs. Favor

Staff Writer Libby Hill and Maddie Stout investigate and experiment to settle the dispute over which delivery service is the best: Postmates or Favor. Video by Libby Hill and Maddie Stout