Staff Standoff

The Pros and Cons of Censorship in the Media

It’s the dreaded Sunday afternoon. Piles of homework sit just feet away on your desk, haunting you, signifying the true end to a weekend. The only comfort in the world? Television. With the remote...

Staff Standoff: Should Parents Post Pictures of Their Babies on Social Media?

Try to remember that picture of you and your cousin from when you were 3-years-old— clad in the infamous tankini, parading around the front yard like it was a stage, soap bubbles smeared all...

When Should We Take Exams?

Staff Writers Noor Adatia and Eshani Kishore debate when exams should be held.

STANDOFF: Are Male and Female Olympians Represented Equally?

Manisha Ratakonda – YES: When you think of the London 2012 Olympics, what do you remember? Between the Fierce Five, Missy Franklin and Serena Williams, it’s safe to say that female athletes dominated the...

Staff Standoff: x2VOL

Senior staff members Anisha Anand and Katie Payne present their opinions on x2VOL, the new digital platform used to organize community service events. Anisha Anand: For x2VOL In a rapidly advancing world, we need...

Staff Standoff: Do High School Sports Kill Academics?

Gretchen O’Brien As Hockaday students, we push ourselves to be better than the best, whether it is at sports or academics. This is a great thing because research shows that exercise makes you smarter....

Staff Standoff: The New Late Start

Staff members Emily Wechsler and Avita Anand present differing opinions on the new late start time.

Staff Standoff: Traditional vs. Online Notecards

History teachers Steve Kramer and Lucio Benedetto explain their philosophies on research notecards

Staff Standoff: America’s Team…Or Not

Perspectives Editor Molly and Managing Editor Megan explain why you should or should not love the Dallas Cowboys.

Staff Standoff: Seasons Greetings

Perspectives Editor Molly and A&E Editor Amy explain why they prefer one season over another.