A La Daisy: Spotted on the Steps of the Science Building


For underclassmen, Halloween is a time for a good scare and finally discovering the theme. For seniors, it’s about keeping the theme a secret from curious underclassmen and of course, scaring the underclassmen.

However, Halloween isn’t just a time for students to consume immense amounts of candy, struggle to get to class and use the bathroom in the dark with strange things in the sink. Teachers also participate, and we love the costumes and creativity this year. Here are some of our favorites!IMG_0963

Upper School Spanish Teacher Luis Gallegos sits in front of countless strips of fabric, a lime green sweatshirt, a pair of lime green sweatpants and fabric glue. Seven hours later he has completed his costume – a carefully crafted colorful piñata.

Members of the Upper School science department dressed to the theme of superheroes and villains.


IMG_0968 IMG_0967

Upper School science teacher Dr. Marshall Bartlett’s costume was Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. Bartlett ditched the mustache during lunch. Who knew baked brains and with zombie eyes and unraveled mummy chunks would be difficult for this superhero to conquer? Nevertheless, he put them back on for us! However, by the end of the day his Arc Reactor ran out of batteries. That’s okay Dr. B, you are still a hero to us!



Upper School biology teacher Brandi Finazzo was Harley Quinn, a DC villain. Finazzo’s accessories were our favorite part of her costume. Her stockings were a different pattern for each leg and her shoes were adorable.


IMG_0978 IMG_0976

Upper School science teacher Dr. Katie Croft was Batman, a DC Hero. The barbed gloves were a great touch along with the skirt.



Upper School biology teacher Kirsten Lindsay-Hudak was Poison Ivy, a DC villain as well. Lindsay’s makeup and hair were definitely our favorite parts! The green tinted lipstick and leaves on her bright red wig and dress were a beautiful addition to the costume.


IMG_0974 IMG_0973

Upper School physics teacher Leon De Oliveira dressed up as the Joker, another DC villain. His face makeup was also spot on.