Changsha SW1 Orphanage


Junior Claire Marucci photographed her experience volunteering at Changsha SW1 Orphanage in China.

“Although China’s one child policy has ended, it still continues to influence many people’s belief that healthy girls make up the majority of children in Chinese orphanages. However, while volunteering at the Changsha SWI orphanage, I learned that this is no longer true. Throughout the entire time I spent helping out and playing with the children in the orphanage, I was surprised by the amount of boys and children with disabilities I saw living in the orphanage. It was truly eye opening to learn from one of the caretakers that orphanages throughout China have all seen an increase in both the number of boys and children with disabilities living in the orphanages. Additionally, witnessing the strong sense of community between the children and caretakers and seeing how much the children in the orphanage looked out for each other was truly inspiring.”

Photo and Story by Claire Marucci

Graphic by Ali Hurst and Emily Fuller