Hockaday Letter of Recommendation: Friendship Bracelets 


//PICTURED ABOVE: Here are some examples of the more complicated friendship bracelet patterns.

I began going to camp the summer after fourth grade, and making friendship bracelets with my cabinmates was definitely a highlight of that summer because it was a fun way to bond with new friends. I quickly learned how to make some simple patterns, but I struggled with any other types. 

So, in my second summer, I was very determined to learn difficult chevron patterns. I tied my vibrant colored string to my water bottle so that I could work on my bracelet whenever I had a quick break or some downtime. 

Eventually, after almost two weeks of practice, I accomplished what seemed to be the greatest feat of all time: completing a chevron-patterned bracelet all by myself. I was ecstatic and wore it on my wrist with pride. The bracelet served as a reminder that if I put the time and effort into fixing a problem, I would eventually figure out a way to solve it.

After that first bracelet, I quickly got to work making some for my friends. For my 11-year-old self, nothing made me happier than a friend’s smile when I would hand her my gift. She would add the bracelet to her camp wrist, or wear it as an anklet. Either way, it was nice to know the gift was appreciated.  

Receiving bracelets was a close second to giving them. It made me happy that my friend cared enough to spend time making a gift for me. 

Even as I got older, making friendship bracelets was something I loved to do. I liked picking new color combinations for the string and I found it relaxing to make bracelets. In fact, I liked friendship bracelets so much I started making them during the school year. When friends would come to a sleepover, we would watch movies while creating bracelets. If we wanted to learn how to make new types, we would watch YouTube bracelet tutorials.

No matter how old you are, or what the setting, I recommend making and sharing friendship bracelets. They are super fun to make and awesome presents to give. The bracelet can hold memories of a beautiful day at camp or a fun night with your best friends.

Story by Olivia Garcia

Photo provided by Wikimedia Commons