The Black Lives Matter Series


Change: The concept can mean an abundance of different things. The most common definition, however, is something that elicits improvement and enhancement. On May 25, when Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd while three other police officers watched, millions of Americans demanded change. They fought for change on an individual and institutional level. But how do you change something like the systemic racism ingrained in the history of our country? 

In recent months, people around the United States have been devising new ways to create change. Whether it is educating themselves on Black History, reflecting on how they benefit from or supplement a racist system or advocating for action in their community, there are many ways for individuals to initiate change. As a student newspaper, The Fourcast has determined our role in creating change in our community is to write about the different perspectives of students, alumnae and faculty. Over the next month, The Fourcast will publish a series of stories relating to the topic of Black Lives Matter. Each story marks a stepping stone of change happening in the Hockaday community and the country. The Fourcast has outlined these components of change in six categories:







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If after reading any of these stories you feel you have personal insight or a different viewpoint and would like to write a letter to the editor or an opinion piece, please reach out to Ava ([email protected]) or Erin ([email protected]). We welcome opinions that foster discussion about Black Lives Matter.

Story by Erin Parolisi, Web Editor, and Ava Berger, Editor-in-Chief