Dreams and Nightmares


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Looking to the Future

Photography teacher Janet Yoshii-Buenger assigned a project with the theme past, present and future to her advanced photography students. Since the project was so focused, they had to plan each photo and sketch their ideas as thumbnails on paper before they began shooting.

The past photo focused on the technique of collage, using an old photo and a background picture that connects in some way. The present photo was a basic studio shot. The future photo was a depiction of either the best or worst scenario 10 years later in life and could also be a studio shot.

Sophomore Emily Yeh said the fact that we needed to be able to depict our ideas realistically eliminated a lot of possibilities. The assignment was pretty restrained compared to our previous work in photography. The future photo was difficult because it was hard to imagine yourself 10, 20, 50 years from now. Some of the photos were just really funny.

Sophomore Anita Wang agreed that when it was time to get down to one idea, coming up with a scenario could be hard, but that the studio shots and imagining your own future were cool.