Seeing Double


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Seeing Double

Sophomore Olivia plays with pairs

This editorial-style photoshoot focuses on the theme of pairs.

1. My friends Marcella (right) and Leila (left), both sophomores at Highland Park High School, pose for a portrait on a rock surrounded by leaves and vines.

2. While Leila (left) looks down, Marcella (right), a dancer, gazes up into the sunlight.

3. Leila and Marcella stand in the rippling and sunlit lake water.

4. I wanted to get a photo that combined focused and blurred elements. I changed the settings on my camera to achieve this effect.

5. Marcella poses at the entrance to a cave, allowing the light to hit her perfectly and silhouette her pose. I edited this picture to reflect the theme of pairs.

These photos were taken at Lakeside Park  in Highland Park using a Canon Rebel T3 with a 85 mm f/1.8 telephoto lens.

View the slideshow for more pictures from my photoshoot, and check out my Instagram @allsmiley.