Staff Standoff: Seasons Greetings

Perspectives Editor Molly and A&E Editor Amy explain why they prefer one season over another


Summer’s the cool season. In comparison to summer, winter seems like the Hufflepuff of seasons. But, this is malarkey! Malarkey! And I’m willing to risk social suicide and say so because tans fade, highlights go dark and we all get sick of getting sand in our shoes.

I’m hoping that at least one of the Harry Potter/30 Rock/Mean Girls/Gossip Girl references hit home with you (30 Rock will take a true fan FYI).

Actually, I’m going to go ahead and toot my own horn on that one and say that I definitely reached through to you, because any Hockadaisy in the Upper School fits into one of these fan clubs.

But, if I’m wrong, I have a different question for you…where is this rock you have been living under, and do you need help getting out? Anyway, the point of this intro that I will most likely end up cutting is that no one ever sings in the bleachers about their “Winter Lovin,” but they should (if I didn’t get you before, I did now).

Winter not only has by far the best weather (snowpacolypse anyone?), clothes, food, music and holidays, but it has the best mentality.

Summer. Hot, America, Back to School. That sums up those three months when your mind melts down to mush that can only feel heat. But during winter, as our brains begin to take shape again, you feel thankful, joyful, hopeful and romantic (oohlala!!).

I see you reading this article, criticizing my weak intro, curled up in a blanket, listening to Michael Buble’s holiday album, sipping your seasonal Starbucks drink and getting cozy by the fire.

You can pretend like you would swap New Year’s Eve for just another night of summer sweating it out, completing your online SAT course and having absolutely “NO R3GR3TZ 2k12!!!”

But when you upload a photo of you and your bestie “livin’ it up at the beach! Take me back now or I’ll die!!” don’t pretend like you’d swap your favorite sweater out for your string bikini.

So don’t sweat it—literally, don’t. Save yourself and pretend like you love summer and physically becoming part of your couch. Your secret’s safe with me.


This matter shouldn’t even be an issue in the first place. My skin is just one of the many things during winter that pales in comparison to summer (not that I was ever tan to begin with, but you get my point.).

The winter season just doesn’t measure up to the glorious June, July and August months, and everyone knows it. But just in case you’re starting to doubt the truth, let me lay it down for you.

Where do you think the phrases “Summer, it’s been real” and “Summer lovin’” come from? No one ever said, “January: No regrets!”

That’s because it is much easier to love summer, and you probably will regret doing something in January, whether that be breaking your New Year’s resolutions, not studying for a test or venturing into the unbearable cold without your itchy, static-y sweater.

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of the year to put away your comfy shorts and whip out those jeans you spend five minutes pulling on.

Also, summer is another name for the much needed, three-month respite from school. If anyone were to even attempt to compare it to the two-week break in December, don’t even try.

My fellow juniors, we’ve all heard the horror stories those older and wiser have shared with us about writing their whole JRPs over the supposed “homework-free” holiday break. And I don’t know about you, but even during my underclassmen years, I had always felt like there was something school-related I should have been doing, rather than starting and finishing a whole TV series on Netflix.

Simply put, summer is the time for long vacations, sleeping in and not knowing what the date is because it doesn’t matter.

Call me irresponsible, but I’ll take soaking in the summer sun over shivering in the nonexistent snow any time of the year.