What to Watch This Week

Trust me, you are going to need a study break this week. And when that time comes, the Fourcast is here to offer some advice on what to watch live, what to record, and what to skip altogether.

Check out our selections:

Monday, October 14

Live:    How I Met Your Mother
Why: Forced to choose future wife and mother, Barney is a ‘bit’ torn.
Dancing with the Stars
Why: Bill Nye the Science guy.  Honestly, I might be bored with you after 17 seasons, but my childhood won’t let me not see it.
DVR:   Sleepy Hollow
Why: A bit crazy, but never the less fun. Tom Milton’s British wit is worth it.
Skip:   Almost Human
Why: Cheesy and droll. A waste of money and ideas.
Beauty and the Beast
Why: Fangs, but no fangs. I’m bored.

Tuesday, October 15
Live:    Agents of SHIELD
Why: After Skye and Ward’s growing complexity, and just the ‘right’ amount of action and gritty heroism, this week’s episode seems to live a bit through Coulson’s superhero fantasies. Batman and Catwoman?
New Girl
Why: Bossy girlfriend Jess, all of us love taking control. Nick, however, might not be too pleased about a disappearing 8K
DVR:   Supernatural
Why: The Devil May Care. In the season premiere, we briefly saw where exactly Dean (Jensen Ackles) was keeping the King of Hell. Plus, Abbadon (Alaina Huffman) is a Queen.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Why: Awesome comedy. But, you’re on at the same time as SHIELD.
The Mindy Project
Why:  The Quirky queen of TV demands your laughter. Even with that hair…
Skip:   The Originals
Why: With a trite and banal plotline, basically a copy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s spinoff Angel. Unless your into out of character vampires, supernatural baby drama, bad writing, and plot holes as big as Klaus’s vengeance–don’t watch.
Why: Yes, it’s as bad as everyone says.
The Goldbergs
Why: The ‘80’s and Jewish people are hilarious. That’s the whole show.

Wednesday, October 16
Live:       American Horror Story: Coven
Why: You won’t believe it unless you see it… live.
Modern Family
Why: Reliably funny.
DVR:   Revolution
Why: On the fence if the drama can stay ‘good’ in its second season.
Skip:   The X Factor
Why: You thought it couldn’t get any worse. It did. If you want to watch a singing competition, watch The Voice.

Thursday, October 17
Live:    Scandal
Why: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington. Probably based on the Frank Capra (1939) movie, about a small town senator, who goes to Washington, to find a cesspool of corruption.
Why: Mary of Scots (Adelaide Kane) is compelling. And I miss the Tudors.
DVR:   Parks and Recreation
Why: Always funny. Save for a rainy (procrastinating) day.
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Why: Once with a tighter narrative and awesome romance, down the rabbit hole we go?
Grey’s Anatomy
Why: The cast struggling with emotions. Typical Grey’s.
Skip:   Sean Saves the World
Why: I might have loved you on Will & Grace, I don’t think I do now.

Friday, October 18
Live:    Grimm
Why: Cops and fairytales. Well, what you think they are. Dark and bloody, good for Fridays.
DVR:   Dracula
Why: Up for vampires? Why not watch the Original?
Skip:   The Carrie Diaries
Why: I already know the entire story!

Saturday, October 19
Live:    Saturday Night Live
Why: It’s the only thing other than football, and it’s awesome. This week’s host: Bruno Mars

– Kate Clement