What to Watch this Week

As first quarter draws to a close this Monday, feel free to celebrate with some extra TV time. The Fourcast suggests what shows to watch live, DVR and skip this week.

Sunday, October 20

Live:       The Walking Dead
Why: I missed you. So now, with the compound about to be zombiefied, hang onto your guns. And intestines.

Why: Emily relies on an unlikely source for assistance. And Victoria breaks free.               

DVR:      Homeland
Why: Carrie’s going insane. And Peter’s about to as well.

Once Upon a Time
Why: Nasty Habits might imply the Dark One’s family has the nasty habit of using children. Or Prince Charming’s stubbornness.

Monday, October 21

Live:       How I Met Your Mother
Why: More complications with a wedding. Commanding presence, much?

DVR:      Sleepy Hollow
Why: Renewed for a second season, with a new place in my heart. It’s on hiatus until November, but take this time now to catch up on the supernatural thriller.

DVR:      Dancing with the Stars
Why: Christian Milian and Mark Ballas were eliminated last week. Whose feet are cut this week?

Tuesday, October 22

Live:       Agents of SHIELD
Why: Skye is a traitor… At least by Coulson. Whom is she really a double agent for?

Why: The first episode to centralize on our recurring angel, Castiel (Misha Collins) joins the Winchester Brothers as a season regular. Not saying anything now but… human! Cas’s first words being “it hurts” will be a trope this season!

DVR:      New Girl
Why: Catfishing. Poor Schmidt.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Why: Andy Sandburg is surprisingly funny. But cop shows?

The Mindy Project
Why:  Josh Peck stars, and wrestling is modern art last time I checked.

Wednesday, October 23

Live:       American Horror Story: Coven
Why: The New-Orleans-based season is ground-breaking, and paired with their extremely strong female characters—AHS has a magically eerie tale to tell.

Modern Family
Why: Groomzilla and a super-hot male nanny. Gender role reversals?

DVR:      Revolution
Why: Holding onto it’s “DVR” place by a thread, Revolution is still keeping interest.

Thursday, October 24

Live:       Scandal
Why: This week’s scandal rings a bit like the Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal this summer.

White Collar
Why: Action packed and delightful, Matt Bomer never disappoints.

DVR:      Parks and Recreation
Why: Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany guest stars with an amazing Wendy Davis spoof.

Why: After a ‘decent’ premiere, the show has fallen flat. But it might look up.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
Why: Sorry Hook, some other knave that says “bloody hell” has stolen my heart.

Grey’s Anatomy
Why: Mapping the brain and mapping unknown territory, Grey’s does disappoint a bit.

The Vampire Diaries
Why: After three months, he’s been fighting. Now. The Ripahhhh is back.

Friday, October 25

Live:       Grimm
Why: It’s back and better than ever. Yet, I can’t stop getting that Daryl Dixon feeling…

DVR:      Dracula
Why: Jonathon Rhys-Meyer can wear many faces. A seemingly Gatsby-esque vampire.

Saturday, October 26

Live:       Saturday Night Live
Why: Actor Edward Norton hosts with musical guest Janelle Monáe.

– Kate Clement