What to Watch this Week

At the midway mark of seasons, where TV shows are usually renewed (for fans of the British period drama ‘Downton Abbey’ it’s renewed for Season 5), we give you the best of TV on the final week before Thanksgiving Break. But beware, there are major spoilers ahead.

Sunday, November 17

Live:        The Walking Dead
Why: The Governor (David Morrissy) returns as the group struggles to keep their humanity.  The Governor will have stand-alone episodes this season; this week’s episode ‘Live Bait’ defines who he is with a surprise flashback, ending with his stance at a familiar location.

DVR:       Once Upon a Time
Why:  Pan starts to lead Henry down the road of sacrifice, as the Charmings (as Regina said Hook is an honorary Charming) try drastic new tactics to save the boy.
Why: Carrie and Quinn chase a key suspect in the Langley bombing; Saul reels from political backlash; the strain of high stakes intelligence takes a toll on Fara.
Why: Victoria is eager to throw Emily an unforgettable bridal shower; Emily takes drastic measures as Daniel grows more distant.

Monday, November 18

Live:        How I Met Your Mother
Why: Mom and Dad are reunited this week. The Mother, still unnamed, is played by Cristin Milioti. Although Barney tries to get his parents back together, completely convinced they are still in love, his scheme will get a little out of hand when he dumps a bucket of water.

DVR:       Sleepy Hollow
Why: Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny and Captain Irving join forces against the Headless Horseman, in Necromancer, discovering the Horseman’s true motive.
Dancing with the Stars
Why: Saved By the Bell star Elizabeth Berkley was kicked off last week.

Tuesday, November 19

Live:        Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Why:  Tonight’s episode elevates a new failing show to must watch TV. Peralta coming face-to-face with his flawed childhood hero allowed him to appreciate the captain in a way that he may not have otherwise; while the detective’s chivalrous man-punch allowed Holt to feel stood up for, for the first time in likely a very long time.


DVR:       Agents of SHIELD
 In the aftermath of the events of Thor: The Dark World, the team cleans up the damages the Norse God left on Earth.
In ‘Bad Boys,’ we get a flashback of Dean, where to no surprise we find out that once Dean had been placed in a house for delinquent boys.
New Girl
Jess attempts to keep Schmidt busy, so he doesn’t find out about Cece’s date with Coach. Meanwhile, after losing Ferguson, Nick helps Winston look for the cat.
The Mindy Project
Why:  The Mommy Blogger lands the practice in hot water when Danny asks an expectant (racist) mother to blog about the practice, specifically targeting Mindy.

Skip:       The Originals
Why: Rarely do I add in the skips anymore, yet the newest mess from Vampire Diaries’ producer has actually made me appreciate TVD more. As Julie Plec’s throwing together of plots, the spinoff has turned out to be like Juno vomiting over Twilight, with acting worse than that of Kristen Stewart. As a once fan of the Original Family, I’m sorry, but you don’t even resemble who were on TVD.

Wednesday, November 20

Live:       American Horror Story: Coven
Why: The trope “the dead should stay dead” is a long fall back for TV. However, Zoe brought a very dead Madison back to life. A love triangle starts to form between Kyle, Zoe, and Madison, while Fiona starts a jazzy ‘love affair’ with the Axeman. Drama continues and the witches’ decisions continue to deteriorate.

DVR:      Revolution
Why: The relationship between Rachel and Gene remains strained as she shows her mom how much she’s grown. Meanwhile, Neville gives Jason a determined proclamation.
Modern Family
Why:  With urging from Claire, Jay returns to ClosetCon this year, where things get interesting when he’s reunited with some old colleagues.

Thursday, November 21

Live:        Scandal
Why: Spoiler Alert: Olivia Pope’s mother is alive. With thrilling flashbacks, shedding light on Mellie and Fitz’s relationship, like her ‘complex’ relationship his father driving both a wedge between them, and showing how she really did give everything for him. Olivia and the team get closer than ever to uncovering Operation Remington.

DVR:      Reign
Why:  An attempt to scare Mary, Catherine takes drastic measures to ensure the guilty party is caught. Francis, aware of Bash and Mary’s growing attraction, turns to Olivia.
White Collar
Why: Peter and Neal seek to uncover a smuggling ring in Little Odessa by infiltrating the criminal underworld.
Grey’s Anatomy
Why: Meredith’s in charge this week, and although Sandra Oh is leaving this season, a budding romance may be forming between Christina and Shane.
The Vampire Diaries
Why:  Despite Amnesia Stefan being gone, TVD is boring. However, in the 100th episode, The Originals return from Out of Character Land in NoLa (fingers crossed Hayley dies!)

Friday, November 22

Live:        Dracula
Why: Harker discovers that General Shaw is far from the heroic figure he presents to the public. Van Helsing’s first attempt at infusing a vampire with his solar-serum is a disaster. Harker and Mina’s engagement party sets a stage for betrayal and contretemps when a single dance between Mina and Grayson unveils their true feelings for each other.

DVR:       Grimm
 Cancelled for the JFK 50th Anniversary Special

Saturday, November 23

Live:        Saturday Night Live
Why:  Josh Hutcherson hosts.
Doctor Who
Why: One of the two episodes of the British sci-fi show to air this school year, Doctor Who will air a special 50th Anniversary Episode that has not only one doctor but two as the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and his companion Rose (Billie Piper) return to join the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) in his penultimate episode.

– Kate Clement