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The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

The Fourcast

The official student newspaper of The Hockaday School

The Fourcast

Ms. Day speaks to Hockaday students as well as other students in the Dallas area as part of her role to involve Hockaday students in the community and lead them to fulfill their purpose.
A day with Ms. Day
Sarah Moskowitz and Melinda HuMay 19, 2024

How did you get your start in social impact? Day: Out of college, I decided to do a year in a program called The Jesuit Volunteer Corps. It...

Lone Star Royalty Q&A
Lone Star Royalty Q&A
Lang Cooper and Mary Bradley SutherlandMay 17, 2024

What initially interested you in beauty pageants? Roberts: When I was six I joined the Miss America Organization. This program is for girls...

Branching Out During Break
Jessica Boll, Web Editor in Chief • May 16, 2024

Instead of lazily lounging by the pool this summer, taking advantage of an academic break is the best usage of the months when we don't have...

Senior Splash Day
Senior Splash Day
May 13, 2024

What to Watch This Week

December marks the end of the Fall TV Season (and usually the long slog of hiatuses). The Fourcast helps you chose what to watch now before it’s gone.

Sunday, December 1
Live:        The Walking Dead
Why: In the midseason finale of the cult zombie hit, Rick and the group face danger when things begin to calm at the prison. The imminent danger will be in the form of The Governor played by David Morrissey who will attack the prison with other people.
Once Upon a Time
Why: The race is on to stop Pan from gaining full magical powers from the heart of the truest believer, and Henry’s life hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, in past Storybrooke, Regina decides to fill a void in her life with Mr. Gold’s help and sets out to adopt. The story arc parallels are lovely, but the real star in everyone’s minds is the real-life Snowing’s baby!
DVR:        Homeland
Why: Brody embarks on a high-stakes mission, yet his fragile condition threatens the operation. Quinn makes a discovery about Carrie, and Fara is forced to rejoin the team.

Monday, December 2
Live:         Almost Human
Why: An old cop friend of Detective Kennex’s goes undercover, posing as a “cook” of a highly addictive street drug called “The Bends.” But his cover is blown. As the scope of the intense drug investigation unfolds, a determined Kennex and Dorian call on Rudy Lom for assistance.
DVR:       How I Met Your Mother
Why:  The gang encounters a guy at the wedding who intentionally stirs up trouble among them, and Marshall finally arrives at the Farhampton Inn.
The Blacklist
Why: Donald tries to protect Red from an assassination attempt. The next blacklist target infiltrates the FBI’s black site, hunting Red in the conclusion to Anslo Garrick.

Tuesday, December 3
Live:        Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Why:  Captain Holt receives death threats, and Jake is put in charge of his security, a job he enjoys and abuses as much as he can. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to get the precinct to take a Christmas photo for Holt, but a lack of enthusiasm and Rosa’s refusal to smile defeat her efforts. Also, Sergeant Terry Jeffords gets his mojo back.
Why: After a massive angelic slaughter occurs, Sam and Dean arrive at the scene to investigate and are surprised to run into Castiel. While investigating, Castiel is captured and tortured. Meanwhile, Dean questions Ezekiel’s demands and wonders if it might be time to tell Sam the truth.
DVR:       New Girl
Why: The show has been quietly put on hiatus until Jan. 7.
The Mindy Project
Why:  Mindy plans an office Christmas party. Things don’t go Mindy’s way when someone’s date steals Mindy’s thunder by performing a seductive “Santa Baby” dance.

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Wednesday, December 4
Live:       American Horror Story: Coven
Why: In ‘The Sacred Taking,’ Cordelia rallies the girls in the fight to stop Fiona. A dangerous new enemy puts Misty in the crosshairs. The rivalry between Marie Laveau and Delphine comes to a head. For the next season, however, rumor has it the show will move westward to Santa Fe.
DVR:      Revolution
Why: The show has been put on hiatus until Jan. 8.
Modern Family
Why:  Cam is extremely focused — and ruthless — as a big football game approaches; Claire tries to prove herself at work; Phil tries to teach his children about optimism.

Thursday, December 5
Live:        Grey’s Anatomy
April’s sisters arrive to help celebrate April’s upcoming nuptials and quickly get on her nerves. Matthew and Jackson are forced to work together. Callie and Arizona work to reestablish their relationship, and Cristina is pressured to live stream an upcoming surgery. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns to the hospital.
The Vampire Diaries
Stefan continues to offer Katherine his support while trying to mask his own pain until Caroline shows up with an unusual form of therapy. After trying—and failing—to make amends with Caroline, Elena grows so concerned about Damon that she turns to Aaron for help. Later, Damon and Elena share secrets.
DVR:       Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
When Alice discovers that her father is in Wonderland, they begin healing their broken relationship, which leads to her having to make a difficult decision.
The Big Bang Theory
Leonard and Amy help Sheldon cope with the shame he’s feeling after his accidental contribution to science is disproved.
The team gets closer to the truth, loyalties are tested and relationships are pushed to the limit. Cyrus has to deal with his own crisis, realizing that he may have gone too far.
 Mary and Francis rely on each other when the castle is taken hostage, Catherine makes a proposal to try to save it. Meanwhile, Diane plans to have Bash legitimized.
White Collar
While Neal delves further into the mystery of the Codex, Peter takes on a classified espionage case with a fellow FBI agent: his ex-girlfriend.

Friday, December 6
Live:        Dracula
Browning sets out to expose Grayson by hosting a board meeting outdoors in the sunlight. Grayson and Van Helsing seek the final component to make their wireless electricity technology successful. Meanwhile, Mina and Harker consummate their love—not knowing that Lord Davenport plots to destroy the object that Grayson loves most.
DVR:       Grimm
 Nick faces his toughest challenge yet when he and Hank investigate a case that combines religious phenomenon with the dark dealings of the Wesen Council.

Saturday, December 7
Live:        Saturday Night Live
Anchorman 2 star Paul Rudd hosts with returning musical guest One Direction.

– Kate Clement

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