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The Pros and Cons of Censorship in the Media

It’s the dreaded Sunday afternoon. Piles of homework sit just feet away on your desk, haunting you, signifying the true end to a weekend. The only comfort in the world? Television. With the remote in your hands, you have access to literally everything in the world: dangerous, gory movies, the classic romcoms, racy HBO dramas, even the good, old-fashioned Disney channel is just a click away. Unfortunately, TV channels and movies alike face a common problem that threatens the movies and shows that we love the most: censorship. It is the unspoken problem that the media will most likely have forever. Censorship, which is the ability to suppress material in TV shows and movies that may not be deemed appropriate, affects nearly every form of media. The guts and glory, which could potentially be censored, are what makes reality TV reality TV.
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Staff Standoff: Should Parents Post Pictures of Their Babies on Social Media?

Try to remember that picture of you and your cousin from when you were 3-years-old— clad in the infamous tankini, parading around the front yard like it was a stage, soap bubbles smeared all over your bodies. And that other one from your first birthday: sitting sans top in a highchair with birthday cake coating your skin like sun tan lotion, you wear a crooked grimace, revealing no teeth. My childhood was characterized by many pictures similar to the ones I just described. Thankfully, my mother plastered these pictures all over the house rather than on social media.