ArtsCast Episode 9: The Akola Project


In this episode of Artscast, The Fourcast visited The Akola Project, a non-profit jewelry store in Deep Ellum.

Started 11 years ago by Southern Methodist University alumnae Brittany Underwood, Akola works to empower women both in Dallas and Uganda. This organization serves over 400 women in Uganda who live in poverty, have survived HIV/AIDS, civil wars or displacement.

In the Dallas office, Akola helps women with little to no education who may have a history of sex trafficking or abuse. By providing these women with dependable jobs, Akola’s employees learn about responsibility, sustainability and community.

The Fourcast took a look inside the design and production process behind these bright and eye-catching paper beaded pieces. All of their proceeds are used to economically strengthen women and to help with community development programs.

Hockaday junior and founder of Emma Louise Jewelry, Emma Siegel, serves as The Akola Project’s spring intern, and Akola allows her to combine her love for service and jewelry.

The Akola Project connects and builds confidence in women around the world. 

Katherine Clement – A&E Editor

Aurelia Han – Staff Writer

Cheryl Hao – Asst. Castoff Editor