ArtsCast Episode 10: Frightful Fourcast Fun


On Halloween, no one is safe from the spooks and scares as witches, ghosts and vampires out to play. While the treats may be sweet, the tricks are wicked. We hear, the only way to stay safe from the night’s magic and danger is to transform into our very own spine-chilling, hair-raising creature. Searching high and low, we found no luck in the werewolves’ cave or the enchanted forest, but luckily, we crept along an abandoned doll house and struck gold.

With the help of the Dallas Vintage Shop in the first episode of ArtsCast of the 2016-2017 school year, a fang-tastic vintage destination for costumes all things Halloween, we found a doll apparel that haunts every childhood nightmare. However, this broken doll is not complete without the power of makeup. Self taught special effects makeup artist and junior Hannah Sipes ( puts the finishing touches on our look.

This is the Art of the Halloween Costume: Frightful Fourcast Fun.

Happy Halloween!

Cheryl Hao – Asst. Web Editor

Aurelia Han – A&E Editor